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An Ji " double track is made " march Chinese car rents the market
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The world's oldest car rents company hertz to have not enough time to develop with respect to vamoose Chinese market, and how does the company of the 2nd old car that rent fly to the whole world person be in China however refluent and on. A few days ago, accepting " daily economy news " when the special interview, car of An Fei person rents the car that install auspicious to rent Bai Naijie of company general manager to express, a such Chinese big markets held to the success that the straight battalion place that the whole world uses generally gains, and invest a risk to get used to Chinese market to decrease further, an Fei person will begin to undertake straight battalion is mixed in China join in " double track is made " the strategy that run, and Hainan will make the first when join in pilot market. An Fei person is in the whole world in the site of 170 many countries, exceeding an in part is to use join in means, but the market waits in the United States, France, an Fei person used straight camp without one exception. Chinese market also is such. "Big city uses the means of straight battalion, basically be a consideration can 100% own property, the company can throw more and professional technology to develop a network, and can 100% control profit. " but straight battalion risk is very big, bai Naijie says: "The first element that dissolves a venture is the partner that has sought. " car of An Fei person is rented is by on steam is sold with Europe An Fei person invests a when establish 50% joint-stock professional cars to rent a brand each. A variety of elements make An Fei person is considering to be in China a few in small town is started join in. "Big city needs large capital support, and relatively small town does not need so much capital, " he discloses, hainan will be development of the first plan join in city, because Hainan is seasonal the market, and can manage through Guangzhou company, won't appear relatively the negative issue after joining in.

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