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New now idea, hire vehicle new concept!
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Company of new now idea established Beijing 1994, it is the professional company that a wagon flow that it is steam tells a domain to provide relevant service, management scope of business is extensive, include a car to rent, serve related the multinomial car such as hairdressing of car sale, consumer credit, car. In May 2001, company of new now idea becomes Beijing 6 first car aptitude that rent amount to one of prize enterprises; Of the same age in December, company of new now idea passed ISO9001: Attestation of 2000 international aptitude.
Current, new now idea owns store of 14 doors that rent in Beijing, the car that offers nearly 30 kinds of models to the client hires a service. Company of new now idea grows a car to join in business, car leases a site in the whole nation, still built member system for convenient client. New now idea devotes oneself to to interlink network development to manage, through building straight camp inn, concessionary manage, freedom interlinks 3 kinds of forms, the car that forms extend in all directions serves network system.
Recently, new now idea rolls out " ceremoniously to block " flexibly (low reach 79 yuan / day) , this one act initiated home best the beginning that the price rents a car, allow low division rent a car all-around the service enters common people to live ahead of schedule. In the meantime, additional receive service sending a car, business affairs to take a driver to hire car, airport to receive send, GPS navigation service, drive oneself to hired car user to offer the comprehensive solution of a travel, new idea, new concept, the gens using a car of new era!

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