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Ambitious prosperous car is rented in aim at Olympic Games business chance
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A few days ago, by in far group andHong KongBig prosperous holds water jointly all rightBeijingThe limited company of ambitious prosperous car that rent begins to aim at Beijing in 2008 Olympic Games business chance, in the light of foreign nationality client group provide specialized service, it is enterprise of the consulate that is Beijing only, foreign capital, medium the company that group of high-end business affairs provides a car to hire a service; Content includes foreign language business affairs to dog on behalf of whole journey, bilingual driver generation is driven, those who accompany tourist guide service " one-stop " wait for business affairs to use a car solution.

Researcher of Bluesails advisory orgnaization also expresses, as the immediateness of the Olympic Games, enterprise of the foreign trader of investment coming to Beijing, foreign capital and tourist appear to increase a current quickly, beijing car rents an industry " internationalization degree the low, company that launchs high end to hire a service is too little " short board will expose gradually.

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