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New now idea rolls out a car to carry GPS navigator to serve
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The car carries GPS system to cooperate the navigator of electronic map, let while you are driving the navigation that enjoys speech clew easily serves. A when carry the car navigation system to be rented as the car brand-new service, can think the person that drive solves the problem with a hard way thoroughly already, still can offer map inquiry and Mp3/mp4 to broadcast wait for recreational function.
New idea hand in hand famous electron product produces Shang Zhongheng DEC to roll out GPS navigation to serve. Be based on the cooperative relation with manufacturing business, we provide best price and the most complete function and service for you.
The product that provides navigation service is MV920 of the constant in DEC. MV920 uses the module of tall sensitivity, receiver supports 20 passageways, the sensitivity of aerial can amount to second of 0.1 meters of / , what the navigation map of buy uses inside is to compare common Kailide at present electronic map, inside buy about 1200 many cities of countrywide (contain city of partial county class) electronic map, support speech clew and handwritten input technology, deploy a car to carry charger with fixed bracket and car, but stability is used for long.
Since July 11, 2007, to new idea each lease door shop can the spot understands function of more GPS navigator, those who enjoy navigation service to bring you is convenient. From this, new now idea is in block privilege to hire car, business affairs to take a driver to rent a car flexibly, drive oneself new service is bought again on the foundation of travel.

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