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To honour: Will change a Chinese to give a way
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"If if the home changed the accommodation way of people,say, cent is numerous the way that changed people to receive information, so to honour a travel way that will change a Chinese. " if the home, one tea sits,ever had invested, Zhang Hao of general manager of division of China of sea accept fund evaluates Camry buccal so the new student meaning of this own pitch on.

2006 the end of the year, the sea accept Asia that Zhang Hao represents is achieved cast fund and Hong Kong Maida fund to throw 5 million U.S. dollor Shenzhen city to honour the car rents Inc. , after a year today, you Qiming invests the financing that gets the 2nd round when cast to already also began, sea accept and Mai Da continue to follow cast, amount is 50 million U.S. dollor. Current, to honour already was in China concentrated area has the airport of 22 cities and commercial activity inn of door of 48 straight battalion. Income fund will be used buy new car and market conduct propaganda.

"To honour maintain 100-200 at present the growth rate of the car, we hope to accomplish the dimensions that owns store of door of 120 straight battalion in Home 40-50 town in next year. " to honour He Weijun of the president that rent a car thinks, chinese car rents an industry to be able to reach the capacity of 500 thousand cars at least, and imperial grows rate, should have counted in car 10 thousand when ability will be slow come down.

"Our target market is business affairs client group give priority to, this locality client that visit one's family or travels group for complementary. Consumer is centered in 25 years old - 40 years old, so we won't locate for advanced and luxurious car, the car can be carried in the choice however. " path of Introduction He Weijun. According to Zhang Hao's computation, a car achieves his income below the circumstance of 75 % one year to be 100 thousand yuan, profit is in 10 thousand 1000 yuan 5 or so.

The brains storm in golf field

Found to honour before renting a car all the year round, he Weijun is in a career adjust period: The business stability of former company has big breakthrough hard however, "Decide to jump out simply original circle, want to have new possibility well " .

Then, he Weijun everyday " go to work " the place moves golf field from the office, such a year, the team captain honor of the most influential force and a few balls of folk of the best achievement that he harvested 76 lever, Shenzhen of be congenial to are friendly.

"The think of a way that makes a car rent appears faintly all the time in my brain. " the experience that is away on official business ten years ago one times to the United States, the bring into contact with of He Weijun first time that lets make trade of representative of electronic imports and exports at that time the car is rented. The friend tells him at that time, want to go abroad, the first thing should do a piece of credit card namely, the 2nd thing is to used credit card to rent a car. "I am thinking at that time, when China also has such using credit card hires car service. When China also has such using credit card hires car service..
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