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Company of car rental of Beijing China car marchs the car rents the market
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In extensive network the message is the closest on December 14, limited company of car rental of Beijing China car announces formally to hold water, will march domestic car rents the market. Limited company of car rental of Beijing China car is well-known company and venture fund combination invest and become by international, it is combination UAA of car China limited company is wholy-owned accuse subsidiary. Regard home as lead nationwide chain company, limited company of China car car rental introduces the car with successful international actively to hire pattern, combine the consumptive habit of Chinese client, the whole nation that the whole nation that provides chinese mainland area for global client interlinks a car to rent service and form a complete set comes to help and other appreciation serves. China hires a car to will be in in December from this year practice of synchronism of 11 cities of countrywide, plan to be in the city of 100 many keys that enclothed service network to the whole nation before the end of the year 2008 and travel area. China hires a car to pursue a site much, formalities the service concept that good, price saves fast, car condition, offer specializationed car to hire a service for the client not only, and still offer the whole nation to come to help for the client, different ground returns seat of navigation of car, GPS, children, come to send the multinomial appreciation such as the car the service, contented client goes out of travel all-around demand.

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