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The common sense of main drive a vehicle that the beard that rent a car masters
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A lot of circumstances in drive a vehicle, to seasoned old driver, processing rises relatively simple, need to be able to master car of distance, speed, meeting, overtake, brake to wait by perceptual judgement only hold drive skill. And the experience of this respect lacks the novice relatively, accordingly besides the attention at ordinary times accumulate outside drilling, still should understand master a few academic common sense, perhaps can help somewhat to driving actually.

One, the related to safety data in drive a vehicle
1. speed and eyesight: Will tell commonly, speed is faster, the range that the driver's eyesight can reach is smaller, discern ability also drops subsequently, if express:
Speed (kilometer / hour) eyesight is apart from ahead trends (rice) eyesight is apart from two side trends (rice)
60 240 33
80 160 24
Every increase 13 drop 33% shorten 27%
2. dynamic car is apart from:
The safe distance with certain hold all should be kept with around car in drive a vehicle. Alleged safety is apart from, leave the run that from discovery the circumstance halts a course to automobile safety in instant speed namely.
(1) jockeys the distance includes: Feel process of apply the brake of process reaction process
(2) jockeys the computation of the distance:
① falls in normal circumstance, reaction time of the driver is 03 ~ 1 second, react time and speed photograph are multiplied, attainable reaction distance.

The effect that distance of ② apply the brake suffers travelling speed is bigger, normally travelling speed increases 1 times, distance of apply the brake is about to increase 3 times.
If ③ is in more slippery road surface or car besides not force of beautiful, apply the brake drops below condition, distance of apply the brake is increased even. The 2 ~ that want range of access of tower above general in the distance of apply the brake on road surface of ice and snow for example 10 times.
(3) safety is apart from determine method:
① time method: Fade of department of Ran of Yu of feng4huang2 of Xing of Lei pilfer arrest shelters wood of lens of pilfer of Na regretful Ping ah oxime tip breaks  of Bu of collate of the  that return a pool to grasp bazoo of miasma Zheng  I am low ü  protects analyse of   ability to protect  attentively to be troubled by heart  ?001, 1002, 1003, arrive when oneself when the target had not counted, explain the distance is too close, should pull further big.
② speed law: It is when car travelling speed is higher (like the) on the freeway, of safe distance determine to also can adopt speed law, namely with oneself speed is a basis at that time, with before the car holds the rice number with speed close, for example speed is in 80 kilometers / hour should with in front car maintains 80 meters distance.
3. speed and eye shot:
(The ken of 1) person is normally: Water square is controlled to 90 ° , 60 ° control serious straightforward way.
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