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The go on a tour that rent a car is complete guideline
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Every arrive " 11 " or " 51 " long holiday, a lot of people want to use a festival to go out journey. The person of not rare driver's license perhaps can choose to hire a car to nod travel to the scenery. Still perhaps understand how to rent a car not quite to hiring the person of car experience, what does the need in use process notice in hire car, appear how to always be solved, the person that wants to rent a car cares possibly to these problems very much.

Before renting a car  Choose good model, equipment neat relevant formalities

If want to rent a car, beforehand should understand the model of the company that rent. At present the renting company of operation has Beijing many 80, model each are not identical, general and intermediate the car has Sangdana, Fu Kang, nimble to amount to etc, high-grade car has treasure of Ao Di, gentry, fasten a gram to wait. If go out,basically be all right travel to beauty spot, and if hill road is more, can consider hire to jump over the caravan with wild better performance. If the road of travel besides better, can choose a car.

The car vehicle of the company that rent besides each are not identical, some company car are a year of less than entirely is medium high-grade car, also some companies use those who rent with unused car. The car with best newer option is hired, because new car gives trouble not easily. The person meets general great majority won't build a car, rent an old car do not be free from anxiety in the heart, in case during transit the car anchors, although the company that rent is in charge of coming to help, the feeling in the heart is unpleasant also. After leaving the company that rent certainly, can seek advice from the certificate that should carry, hire, cash pledge to the company that rent. The certificate that the place that rent a car requires includes Id, registered permanent residence commonly this, driver's license, hire wants commonly prepaid, is not deduct from inside cash pledge. When dealing with the formalities that rent a car to sign a contract, want when to notice:

The limitation of number of day travel kilometer that knows a car and the plan cost standard after exceeding. Some companies that rent are intermediate car limitation is in 150 - 200 kilometers differ, some does not limit kilometer number, can basis geometric ratio of project of car condition, hire, service relatively.

Understanding rents the acceptance of the company. Every company that rent can have certain commitment, so that enjoy each due right adequately,understand carefully.

Want to read contract content first when signing a contract. Last of the contract are to fill in check car is only, this is the course that both sides maintains car condition jointly, this one process must meticulous, because it is involved,arrive to be maintained when returning a vehicle again. If him experience is scant, can ask a friend that knows the car quite to help check car. Look from the exterior of the car first, the surface has it is good that without nick, light whether complete, car is locked up with, open a car to build next, examine the state of refrigerant fluid, engine oil, storage battery, it is normal that after approbating, oily watch, brake, air conditioning is examined to cab again. When the renting company that the kilometer counts limitation rents a car, want special attention odograph number. If these are approbated hind, reopen car feels, judge the fundamental condition of car. To the special function of a few models and usage, it is clear to should seek advice to the company that rent, like Fu Kang the children of the car is locked up, after locking up, cannot open in the car, can open from outside only, similar case wants much understanding, with more convenient use.
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