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When renting a car, how to choose a vehicle
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Ask clear car the state. Lease after car, should understand car condition above all how, the apply the brake that affects safety of drive a vehicle directly especially, change direction, lamplight. Besides, examine fluid of fuel, cooling fluid, lube, brake and transmission system even main part. Still answer when necessary try out a paragraph of distance, in order to be familiar with the working circumstance with examination clutch, accelerator, brake and engine.

Make clear a place is operated inside the car. After entering cab, want to had adjusted the driver's seat position that fits oneself first, be familiar with the action of each appearance and the place that operate a place next. Good to master appearance and operation the position, can read car to use manual, also but direct to the car advocate understanding, look for chaos to feel in disorder in drive in case and dispersive attention.

Launch car, move hand operation personally. Hand operation should be moved a few times personally before start off in front the operation that says, this conduces to the position that remembers them not only, and the working case that still can examine them, more important is OK operation disorder happens in avoiding drive a vehicle

The car jumps over excessive consumption of fuel and oil again more. From item oil the viewpoint looks, the car is self-prossessed concern into direct ratio with oily bad news, namely the car with greater weight jumps over bad news oil, use economy is opposite poorer.

Block excessive consumption of fuel and oil of car save trouble automatically. Block equipment automatically to have automation unit, can block according to speed self-correcting in drive a vehicle, leave out a lot of shift gears and step the job that steps on separation and reunion. Its lie insufficiently to rise to use the excessive consumption of fuel and oil that block a car than the hand at using, be being delivered because of the motivation of automatic transmission is finished through hydraulic pressure, the meeting in working causes dynamical loss. Especially low speed travel or in blocking a car up, go to stop when stopping, can increase oily cost more.

The car of meridian tire saves oil. The car of meridian tire and of inclined the car appearance that makes tire is compared, wearability can raise 50 % - 100 % , scroll obstruction reduces 20 % - 30 % , and can the section is oily 6 % - 8 % .

Aluminium alloy annulus the car of the circle saves oil. At present aluminium alloy annulus the advantage of the circle depends on quality light, the province is oily; True circularity is tall, can raise wheel motion precision, suit high speed travel; Flexibility is good, improve the ride comfort in car travel, more the vibration in absorbing motion easily and noise.

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