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Convenient material benefit suffers chase after hold in both hands spell conscio
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The footstep of the Spring Festival draws near increasingly, a few people that cannot buy ticket to perhaps want to queue up to buy ticket far from, hit spell a car to come home the idea that spend the New Year.

Enter in January the last ten-day of a month, "Spell an objective " people swarm a website each are big forum, the refresh rate that spells Che Tie begins with minute plan. From the course spelling a car that Beijing sets out, arrive nearly judge water, Taiyuan, far point to Qiqihaer, Nanchang continuously even. Although go to the lavatory,spell a car economy, also have the place of concern letting a person however.

Post spelling a car squeezes hot forum

"Beg those who answer Changchun to spell a car, in Feburary 3, 4 all but! Ask car condition is good, road-sense adroitness, safe, stable. Oneself also can drive, can assist! The value is good say, should fasten only too black. " this is a reporter a cards that see on assemble of guest of classified information website. Those who spell a car is convenient, the passenger that lets cannot buy a train ticket not less loosened at a heat. Gentleman of the Song Dynasty expresses to the reporter, "I am Shandong person, present ticket is bought too hard really, I wait a lot of days to the station with wife, the result is to not have result and return, died urgently, do not know how to should do. Return the home one year, two old father, old Mom still is waiting for us. The day is not had absolutely the person's road, hear of us a fellow-townsman is planning to drive go back, as it happens and he ' spell a car ' . "

Hair post expresses from Ms. Wang of Beijing Hui Chengde, the main purpose that looks for a person to spell a car is to partake charge, fat fee and pass by cost add in in 200 multivariate. "Anyway seat sky is worn also is, if can somebody partakes a few charge, there still is an individual to say to talk on the road, where is what is there against it? "

What differ with in former years is, in " spell whole journey car " clinch a deal quickly while, this year " section spells a car " also be being adopted by broad user, this kind of means can allow a car already advocate search more to suit his " spell a car " object, the person that gives those going all out to be less than whole journey car again chooses many kinds. As we have learned, the choice presses paragraph of netizen that spells a car, it is this year almost try first, making what they rejoice is, clinch a deal speed is very breathtaking. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad young lady says to the reporter, "As a result of me domestic place slants quite, saw a lot of websites, did not arrive. In guest assemble I see ' spell downwind car ' message, I also sent a similar card, very quickly person and I was contacted. "

Spell a car to go on a long journey safety first
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