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The Spring Festival hires car fastigium, apply network platform to prevent trap
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By a definite date 40 days spring carry, railway ministry predicting whole nation will send a guest 178.6 million person-time, grow 8.3% compared to the same period. During Beijing spring carries gross of passenger flow of capital of pass in and out will be broken through first 30 million, achieve 30.09 million person-time, relatively grew 7% about last year. Railroad branch appeals broad passenger chooses in time between fastigium to take other vehicle to return countryside to celebrate a festival.

Face the situation that one ticket begs hard, a lot of people take aim the look to hire a car to come home. Because be during the Spring Festival, the price that rent a car does not have exorbitant adjustment, and procedure is very simple also.

Letting what the reporter feels accident quite is: When the information that rent a car is searched on the net, discovery has a lot of companies to hit a low to hire the propagandist catchword of the car. The reporter understood roughly, at present nimble is amounted to, the day of the mainstream model such as Pu Sang hires the price to differ to 260 yuan from 180 yuan, and these companies gave out the low that nimble amounts to 140 yuan one day. Call when the reporter among them a company, the inquiry hires car price why when on the low side, its staff member states this is method of a kind of sales promotion only.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, these companies renting a car that play low card have one part to have feline dirt additionally actually. To attract customer, the company that rent hire depress, but the car that offers actually is likely car condition is very poor, or it is car insurance is not all ready, did not cast for instance protect 3 person danger, after causing cause of hair make trouble, the user that rent a car cannot receive the compensation of insurance company, can bear a loss by oneself only.

Experience is done not have when renting a car in view of the user, often can be immersed in a few errors, give out especially for this a few proposals:

One, choose to register a company normally as far as possible, can obtain regular service, avoid occurrence issue.

2, can accept a service through reliant platform.

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