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Drive ABS car 5 not
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1, did not think to ABS can drive follow one's inclinationsly. ABS also is not categorical insurance, in speed exorbitant and turn below previous condition, if car apply the brake is gotten previous too fierce, criterion the car still can produce sideslip. Accordingly, although your car contains ABS, you still also need to drive carefully.

2, do not use the apply the brake that order check. Did not reach speed in wet slippery road surface of the car of ABS when apply the brake is being carried out below higher case, need uses the end that vibrates the method of bit of Buddhist templeput on the brakes achieves safety to jockey. And after mount ABS, as a result of ABS can force of self-correcting apply the brake,

When because this is in,carrying out urgent apply the brake, one foot steps on footplate after all and can not loosen, not afraid wheel is held in the arms dead skid, will lengthen distance of apply the brake greatly otherwise.

3, not by ABS shake frighten. ABS is in when acting well, can hear the noise that it gives out, this noise is the generation when the electromagnetism a powerful person in controlling a system by hydraulic pressure and hydraulic pump work. You do not think braking system all gave trouble and panic-stricken, cannot removed the foot from footplate of apply the brake more, you still should step on footplate of apply the brake should step on footplate of apply the brake dead and not be in charge of it at this moment.

4, the examination that cannot ignore ABS indicator light. Below normal circumstance, after pressing an ignition switch, this lamp should shine; After engine runs normally, this lamp should go out. This paragraph, it is electronic control equipment essentially be opposite by self check program the control a powerful person of adjuster of wheel sensor, hydraulic pressure undertakes electrify is checked (self check time is 3-5 second) commonly, it is normal to be like criterion indicator light goes out. If this lamp does not shine all the time, explain ABS has trouble.

5, when ABS indicator light does not go out need not big Jing lose one's head. When occurrence breakdown of the ABS in drive a vehicle, prevent hold dead brake system in the arms to fasten former apply the brake automatically the oil path of all put through, the former brake system on the car still works, just did not have ABS.

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