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Say to drive- - the line of sight when driving
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When driving, often see drive hurriedly, encountering a situation is emergency. When having passion a few times to drive, touch went up to run the line gets a taxi to fasten interest (the driver is my friend) , battle treasure comes 1.8 superior power, hold accuse gender and be familiar with to viatic gain extra advantage unfairly can be amounted to by my nimble however GIX takes an advantage. Had discussed a few times later, close partly between the city be about the same on one class road surface, but enter department of urban and rural union to be divided immediately be defeated win. ... ah, he says: "My eyes is used not quite " .

The size of person eye has not, but this thing has the eyes,use not quite? Not was troubled by clear. The experience that still says him point.

When the court drives, my speech on regular meeting of some monthly safety: "When driving, always note the case all round, do not overlook any slight change, may very tired, but your purpose is to want a Che Kaian complete, leave firm, good to head a service... "

Street drive the circumstance of before eye shot should be accomplished at least two cars is hep, the other condition all round is alert. Only such, you just can achieve the front road condition is seasonable perception, appropriate processing; If notice far overlooks vicinity only, your before the car appears suddenly change you have not enough time meet an emergency also is extremely inappropriate, the car after you did not observe good again... , lively big get-together.

Run on the road besides the city zone, put far-sighted line as far as possible, discover obstacle and course change as early as possible. The look is much to be being gotten simply at the urban district. But should notice whether ahead has an obstacle, consult what the line of sight puts in OK and affirmatory fraise next on content, the course with the right choice after judgement is comparative is passed.

Hill road drives on, a lot of curved character that do not show soon (hairpin is for instance curved) , put the line of sight in the farthermost road center line that can see perhaps go up by the side of hill, such, sail on very easy discovery the car that come, benefit drives at safety!

A bit tired, anyhow, energy maintains to center in daily drive a vehicle, feel acumen, hold neatly accuse, believe everybody can have drive happily of the journey!

Wear safety helmet, wait for a brick! If bring jade ~ to breathe out! Get the opportunity!

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