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"Automatic wave " block use have exquisite
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Face the traffic inside the Guangzhou city with complex numerous and complicated, a lot of people already those who carry automatic transmission is alleged " automatic wave " the car serves as the first selection henceforth. But bought block a car automatically to be not represented need not pay attention to block, actually automatic wave car also is to have what its block an operation regulation peculiarly, carelessly if the love car that can injure oneself even.

How ought to use after all increasingly is all-pervading automatic wave car? This period the Chen Hezhang's engineer that the reporter covered company of Guangzhou city Ling Feng science and technology, introduce according to its: Automatic wave car has the following to block commonly: P(jockeys) , R(reverse gear) , N(neutral) , D(advancement is blocked) , 3, 2 fast block and L(or 1)1 fast block. These a few are blocked for the person that uses car of automatic to driving transmission correctly very important, essentials is as follows:

Essentials one: Must block with P when park car

When car needs quiet place, of automatic wave anthology block lever to must pull P, jockey in-housely through transmission thereby device of apply the brake chains take-off, taut hand brake, prevent car shift, and ten million cannot hope hope to jockey at hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes, appear very easily otherwise the car when jockeying is slip the accident of collision, need to note this problem more below the circumstance that is not flat especially.

Essentials 2: Use R(falls) block an attention accelerator strength

R for reverse gear, division of Chen Gong Cheng says, because the car unlike hand of automatic transmission moves transmission car to be able to use half linkage to slide in that way, because this can want special attention when back a car to accelerator (quicken footplate) control, strength a bit carelessly, appear extremely easily the danger shape with car too rapid rate.

Essentials 3: N(is empty) block this to hang hang also cannot hang in disorder

According to introducing, n blocks the hand that is equivalent to everybody be familiar with to move the neutral that blocks a car, start in the car commonly or use when trailer. Hand of a few cars is driving to automatic wave car awaits signal or block a car up constant constant covet save trouble, do not undertake blocking answer an operation, think such ability are the profit that uses automatic wave car, old project a person of exemplary virtue is shown, will block maintain in D, the operation method that steps on next apply the brake at the same time the harm to parts of automatic wave car is existence. Accurate operation method ought to be after stepping on close brake, block automatic wave again hang N to block, next again taut hand brake, buddhist templeput on the brakes of loose finally foot. Because if maintain,be blocked the sentence that attend is blocked in D, although already Buddhist templeput on the brakes parks a car, but right now automatic wave car still can be put in weak to overtake trend, step on apply the brake for long to be equal to check this is planted forcibly trend, this meeting makes the transmission oily temperature rise of the car fast, oily fluid allows easy metamorphism. Be in especially air conditioning implement the job, engine idle fast below higher case more adverse.
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