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Encyclopedia of note of environmental protection of drive a vehicle
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1, one pocket prepares inside the car during go on a journey, pack food and other trash is deposited centrally, rubbish puts rubbish bag to be collected centrally after jockeying place, do not shed outwards, useless batteries (especially button batteries) organic meeting hands in Mcdonald's to abandon batteries to collect a place.
2, Beijing water natural resources is exceeding deficient, the whole nation also presents serious water quality sex to be short of the situation of water, the river side that asks everybody not to want so or flood land on wash a car, conditional can arrive place of circular bath car washs a car, avoid by all means washs a car with seawater (seawater is mordant to car lacquer and batholith) .

3, please not long idle fast, long fast meeting brings about idle easily accumulate what carbon arises to avoid tail gas at the same time to discharge. (set in the state-owned law such as Switzerland, when awaiting red light uniform flameout)

4, the drive a vehicle that avoids to exceed stone's throw, also be to prevent the generation that accumulate carbon.

5, adroitness control drives skill, with bring down oily bad news, also be economic energy resources.

6, notice car daily attention is mixed safeguard, in order to keep good car besides, reduce maintenance cost and material to use up.

7, new car attention is ventilated, before driving 4 are opened, in order to assure enough take a breath and new wind force, in order to reduce the pollution inside the car.

8, cheer to normal gas station, go out journey, choose gas station of big city downtown to cheer as far as possible, purify a system in order to prevent tail gas toxic.

9, to observe above all after gas station whether to have tank truck, whether been cross-check tank truck perhaps beening to good oil of fill of subterranean oil depot in perfusion, if be above two kinds of circumstances, should leave go other gas station, because cheer the meeting in the process oil depot ground floor residual arouse, add in the car along with pipeline.

10, reduce air conditioning to use time as far as possible, in order to reduce oily cost. (abroad has a lot of models and did not add outfit air conditioning)

11, choose good way as far as possible besides travel, lengthen tire normal service life.

12, it is when the local travel with earthy road and more dirt, reduce speed, reduce Yang Chen's generation as far as possible.

13, in the city street reach downtown, health resort, beauty spot, uptown and other places as far as possible slow fast travel avoids to cry flute.

14, encounter jam badly, tail gas is polluted serious or derv black smoke is discharged reach situation of sand and dust badly, at once cutoff window, turn outer circulation for inside circularly. Still be the word of outer circulation, meet a dirty air engulf car inside.
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