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Drive choose 10 principles
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The key that place should say here is not driving doohickey, because drive,be the thing of a skill comes from practice, doohickey of it doesn't matter but character. But go up in the choice of the course, it is OK however to will tell to the novice improve a quite big knowledge. Common saying says, the highroad connects Rome. Connecting general reason condition to fall, the line that reachs destination may be more than.

How choosing a likely course to be told to the novice is very important, a few basic principles that choose route of optimal drive a vehicle introduce below.

(1) anthology wide do not choose narrow choose to go up in traffic road, go up in wider path as far as possible travel, can reserve the processing room when the circumstance changes already, can reduce the effect that drives car rate again, maintain speed minor change, raise the security that handles a case to assure.

(2) anthology smooth do not choose slant the car is in slant the travel on slope road, the focus that can change a car is nodded, stability becomes poor, cause car extremely easily to overturn. Should be when wet travel, slant slope road causes bodywork extremely easily again sideslip. Accordingly, car travel is in when going up, slope road should choose smooth slope. If the condition cannot be satisfied, want as far as possible to through, change slant slope is slope, hold the transverse level position of bodywork hard.

(3) pitch on does not choose side to be in country when highway travel, travel course wants be placed in the middle, should maintain in road the Central Bank sails. Its advantage is, appear when any a side circumstance, have the room that avoids circuitous processing. At the same time travel of be placed in the middle but utmost ground reduces roadside barrier the influence to drive a vehicle, facilitating concentration energy drives.

(4) do not choose delay become urgently when the car enters tortuous path travel, if path is wider, do not have again on come when the car, do not suffer too big effect to maintain travel speed, can from the turn inside pass near point of tangency, maintained travel already so smooth, maintained travel speed again.

(5) anthology do not choose forcedly soft the travel resistance that loose road can add a car, cause dynamical inadequacy, make travel speed is reduced not only, at the same time the possibility arises shift gears to be operated by accident. Generally speaking, rely on wheel of road center classics to be ground repeatedly pressure the part is harder, rely on road brim more loose, especially when wet travel.

(6) when choosing water not to choose slimy car to be passed in place having cover or daub with plaster, the wheel can be stained with rare mud to skid. And be in in seeper when travel, water can prevent rare mud clingy wheel, maintain with the ground adherent and occlusive, maintain a car to advance. Be sure to keep in mind a car to be in water cannot travel is too fast, in case the wheel splashs a spray to cause short circuit of electric equipment component and flameout.
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