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Drive carefully + increases fetal drum embryo to be driven oneself should go up
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Drive carefully + increases fetal drum embryo to be driven oneself should go up double insurance

  Travel of poorer road surface notices tire is safe

 Car of division of Mi Jilin China and Ruan Yiming of manager of market of product of ministry of light card tire

A travel tire drives to need to notice when long holiday the following two respects:

The first, the car is when the road surface travel with road poorer condition, want special attention the safety of drive a vehicle and tire. On this kind of road surface, tire may bump hole hole or other foreign matter, bring about tire to produce extruding to be out of shape between concussion content and rim flange, serious when can cause cloth of tire interior curtain to break gauze, in-house air meets tire fashion bosomy package since top of the place that break gauze. Because this is written down sincerely please,drive concentration of the attention when car, if see ahead fraise (for example: Hole hole) make response ahead of schedule please, avoid to bump fraise as far as possible, if cannot avoid, as far as possible decelerate is passed.

The 2nd, there is tire wear and tear to indicate a sign locally in what deepness of channel of tire tread decorative pattern is 1.6 millimeter, when tire wears away to indicate to this, should change an embryo. At this moment the catchment of tire, catch the function such as the ground to had been reduced greatly, continueing to use the tire that exceeds wear and tear to indicate a sign is breakneck, give the tire that your place examines to use please before travel in long holiday so, if already indicated to directive of wear and tear, change in time please new tire.

  Long-distance before need to increase fetal pressing

Solid is distinctive Yun Hui of Chinese product manager

Piece fetal pressing is increased before travel

Give the atmospheric pressure that examination tire does not forget before travel, exterior, wear and tear to wait, ensure journey safety does not have anxiety, drive after wine of avoid by all means, speeding undesirable drive habit. The car is long-distance when travel, tire should maintain the correct atmospheric pressure that accords with a requirement. It is OK that this occupies you find in the information that provides from car manufacturer. Average car is long-distance travel or run high-speed word, need increases fetal pressing ahead of schedule a few, be helpful for tire so medicinal powder hot, prevent to become flat. Do at the same time four-wheel fixed position detects, check looks up tire to have other issue, if remove a bag to wait, so that be repaired in time before set out.
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