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The summer bewares exhaustion drives
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Why is summertime traffic accident met over other 3 season? In the summer, what kind of change does the working requirement that the person that drive faces have again? The item of what summer drive a vehicle should the person that drive notice again?

In the summer, the psychology of the person that drive and physiology can produce the change that is different from other season, torrid weather, the reason such as much manual investment and intense solar illuminate can bring about driver work requirement to become poor. High temperature weather makes a person easy be agitated, it is inside the environment that railroad car closes this, the person once be agitated, can bring about the attention when driving to be not centered, if encounter hazardous condition to avoid very hard,let; In the meantime, summertime day long night is short, and air temperature is high, the person that a lot of driving rests not quite sufficient, bring about energy not abundant, in drive a vehicle easy exhaustion, drowse, appear unresponsive, cause traffic accident thereby.

How to assure to have good psychosis and body state in the summer? The method is very simple, want to hold enough Morpheus time above all, if appear,be in in process of drive a vehicle spirit is tired, unresponsive phenomenon, should jockey instantly rest, after staying have one's head screwed on the right way, continue to drive again. Next, if discover oneself have fretted wait for undesirable mentation, had better look for quiet place to undertake deep breathing is adjusted, avoid to drive as far as possible.

In summer outside the physiology that keeps good and mentation are being divided in process of drive a vehicle, still need to pay close attention to a few detail, make sure drive a vehicle is safe better thereby.

, color of unfavorable Dai Yan is mixed too greatly too massive sunglasses

According to research, the dark look of sunglasses can the time that defer eye sends past brain image, defer of this kind of vision causes speed to feel lack fidelity again, make wear the drive person of sunglasses to make wrong judgement. Especially when car, autocycle advances with the speed per hour of 80 kilometers, too deep sunglasses can be opposite the person that drive the reaction of the circumstance lengthens 100 millisecond, add space of 2.2 meters slam the brakes on thereby. And if the lens of sunglasses is worn wide and heavy, also can bring to the person a lot of unwell. Discovery of the person that some driving has sick at heart on eyelid and buccal ministry, bilge, apathetic feeling; The person that some driving brushs his teeth from time to tome one kind comes the not specific feeling of the tooth; The person that return some driving feels nose is afflictive, be like cold of cold and rather than, these undesirable symptoms, cause because of wearing massive sunglasses.

2, the summer is unfavorable and guzzle cold drink

Summertime weather is hot, the person that drive perspires more, often feel be perturbed is thirsty, often want to have cold drink. But some people eat with respect to a lot of, such crapulence do not have advantage to the body. Because drive when, major blood can flow in the muscle of intense activity, such making that path blood supplies gastric bowel to decrease temporarily. If absorb ice-cream in great quantities,wait for cold drink right now, contract suddenly with respect to what can cause blood-vessel of gastric bowel path, make blood stream decreases, often cause physiology function disorder. Concerned expert points out, the summer drinks cold drink to be inferior to drinking hot tea. Because drink hot tea to be able to make blood capillary outspread, sweat hole leaves, sweat gland diastole, platoon sweat is carefree, be beneficial to send out the quantity of heat inside body, and the tea in tea is alkaline still have diuresis effect.
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