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Drive hum ditty spirit more concentration
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A research of England shows, when driving hum what music sings is more more dedicated than the silent person that drive, driving the catnap in road when less.

A few days ago, psychologist of music of university of heart of Er thanking phenanthrene enlighten this doctor suffers an insurance company to entrust develop this research work, her around investigated the case of start off of 1780 person that drive, music hears when the result discovers the person of 63% drives, hum song, they say to be able to loosen body and mind so. Adjacent of 25% suffer the person that visit to say, music can help them concentrate energy.

Enlighten this doctor says: "When driving, sing hum music, can upset head not only, also can stimulate the body, produce taller vigilance thereby, the feeling of bring down exhaustion. Sing not as abstracted as the talk, because of the person that drive be in the libretto with foregone recall, or learn libretto from inside reduplicative air, that also is not a thing that expends energy. That also is not a thing that expends energy..

Enlighten this doctor thinks, sing sing listen to music to compare silent, talk, perhaps listen to program of broadcasting station interview, can achieve proper alert status more.

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