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Car advocate the manual that use a car: Rat year drive a vehicle 6 great attenti
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To buying car a group of things with common features for, rat year undoubtedly will more profusion new car appears on the market, even more fair value also more make a person enchanted; To playing car a group of things with common features for, the excurse in New Year is driven oneself swim, or changes his costume or dress smally experience, let us " sit comfortably, play happily " . All enjoy wonderful life having a car while, each car advocate people whether had also done face " is the car perplexed " prepare?

Civil / Wu Ai

  A car drives be sure to keep in mind calm

Come on the stage car advocate: Prevent gentleman (company staff, drive actually age two years)

New Year desire: I wish be worn high in north and south,can wear high like outer shroud straightway in that way, in the day that do not have a car everybody can " make from me " .

My drive age but not short, take an examination of when attending a college gave a driver's license, but the car that drives oneself truly has only however two years short between a long time. What can feel apparently is, begin from 2005, the car on Shen Cheng driveway is increasing, the case that blocks a car up is even more severe also.

Take me for the home, live in republican new way to be worn high paragraph, the unit is in downtown. This north and south wears be a move forever it seems that high, in the morning last classes, arrived at 8 o'clock unit, you at 6 o'clock 3 quarter go out to also be late surely. Why? Block up, go out 5 minutes to waiting late wearing high on wriggle. Original the car Cheng of half hour, cost however I half hours, await all the way already very irritated, plus a few like jump the queue without heart driver, do you say this is not to spend money to buy a car to buy a blame to suffer incidentally?

" D weekly " remind: In a year of in the past, volume of car of Shen Cheng illicit continues to maintain rapid growth momentum, rat in year, broad car advocate hope path is more smooth, but also hope broad car advocate can civilization drives, che De's promotion also can increase viatic undoubtedly expedite.

  2 transfer New Year new car pays attention to environmental protection

Come on the stage car advocate: Miss He (media worker, drive age two years)

New Year desire: The vehicle that admire in the heart is found in a new year, come to present treasure be replaced.

I when this car left to have more than two years, it is a 1.8T treasure that blocks automatically comes, it is the birthday present that when I spend birthday family gives me. This power is really enough to a girl driving, ferial I like this car and friends small violent wind, and basically be I win, because have the reason of turbine pressure boost,believing basically also is. Rat year this life that is me year, besides the job one new year the life should have new trend, I plan to buy a new car to regard his as the reward with food and drink that work hard. Sit together with the friend recently the topic always cannot leave to buy a car, it is the 4 drive SUV of fashionable of choose and buy, still buy the family expenses MPV with extensive use, or a car, everything has not thought good, and I that treasure will also won't sell, have relative early " take aim " on it.
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