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The car also can suffer from on riches and honour is ill " cordial " cause a dis
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Love the heart of the car, the person all has. Especially work laboriously is bought so that admire a model in the heart, a lot of cars advocate the friend can be caressed by every means to its. In them, some people not only what strict abide by abides by manufacturer to suggest is fixed maintain law, and still fear oneself slighted love car, be free to always be cleaned to car frequency, enter frequently fill. Who expects, this kind of intention maintains, combat your traffic " often did not decline first first " . To this, the expert inside course of study reminds everybody to dote on to the car have add, the car that lacks the common sense that use a car however advocate friend, love a car do not excessive, undertake to it proper convention maintains, just be the way that loves a car truly.

● is afraid that it is not quite beautiful beautiful -- , occupied do not have a thing to wash vehicle case: The QQ exterior of article young lady is cabinet, not only automobile body affixed various and lovely cartoon character, inside the car more be decorated so that resemble a fairy tale world, always shine together in the village beautiful scenery () of graph library forum. Article young lady comes off work everyday come back, kiss automatic hand, the pail that takes out oneself, brush cloth, from in love car is washed outside arriving. But, not long ago, when she does a glair to 4S inn, just be informed Qi Yiming of this car vehicle to show ageing, the car that is less than one year had been equivalent to using 34 years in that way. The expert comments on: Actually, che Qin bathes can not be what favour, if wash a car overmuch, car lacquer is easy " premature senility " . Bathe like people too frequent, can cause the skin dry, ageing is same. And, be not dishcloth of the appropriative that wash a car, silt of one not careful easy carry secretly, more may cut car lacquer. To this, the expert warns customer, can buy a soft feather duster, dirt having a place is solved with it, reduce the number that washs a car. And feather duster accumulates silt not easily, want to notice slightly only when whisk is grey, can avoid cut paint.

● is afraid of its spirit not beautiful -- , every morning the excessive case that heat up a car: Morning of Qiu Dong season drives hot car, by the car advocate Mr Wang is acted according to to use one of car argument, he already nurturance the habit that must heat up a car in the morning. Although be worth cold winter now, he also nots hesitate to rise early in the morning, place is long idle fast heat car. He feels, like loving a car to resemble a person, had heated up a body, "Motion " rise ability is more invigorative. The expert comments on: In fact, place is long idle fast heat car not only the effect is finite, and the ageing that still can quicken assembly of a few cars. Right hot car kind should be after the car is started, it is OK to want engine oil lamp to go out only slowly travel, but cannot big step on the gas, want Wen Da waiting for water to be spent quickly to the Caikejia when normal temperature all the time. Saying path: Dawdler has lazy good fortune, using still is to have stated reason here. At this moment, you a little lazy dot, still can have profit to his love car instead.
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