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Hire a car to must go to regular corporation
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"11 " long holiday is forthcoming, the holiday hires car go on a journey to become a lot of people most economic choice. From September begin first, before the car of cold and cheerless rents the market to also begin vivid capriole to come. The reporter visited a few cars of Hangzhou to hire a firm recently, discover almost all and rental company is in can hire condition without the car.

The golden week does not rent a car basically already

"I want to hire a nimble to amount to, how much Qian Yitian? " " feel embarrassed, the car here is booked almost before a month. " this week one morning, in stadium road a car leases company door shop in, a citizen comes hurriedly, want to rent a car as soon as possible, parents and child are being taken to play like hill in holiday, result can disappointed and return.

This car rents controller of company door inn to tell a reporter, although leave " 11 " the time that still has close a week, but the market renting a car of Hangzhou city already was fervent, more than 10 cars of their door inn had booked one sky, it is old client mostly. The reporter dials a few cars to rent the phone of the company subsequently, discover most company can be hired without the car, even if has also remain cheap car, the aged car to be able to be offerred only rent.

The reporter understands, pu Sang, nimble is amounted to still is most spruce the model that hire, the price is probably everyday 150 yuan reach 200 yuan. And resemble Ao Di A6 such luxurious car is very popular also, everyday hire is controlled in 1000 yuan. And bear hire model brand increasing, the popular model with a few popular nowadays also was joined bear the train that rent.

Model of sell like hot cakes leads hire

Triumphant more, treasure comes, lead drive, these sell the market to behave model of active sell like hot cakes in the car, also joined a car to hire a firm bear the train that rents a car. As the affiliation of these popular models, car day hires the price also because of the car hang out one's shingle weak point of fixed number of year, car condition is good wait for an advantage and drive up.

"Of the Hangzhou car market that rent bear hire a model to be replaced newlier more frequent, according to the need of tenant, triumphant more, treasure comes, got the new model such as drive to be joined bear the cavalcade that hires a model. The drill of these models accuses gender, car condition to had been compared, day hires the price to want than a few old models a few taller. The day that a Pu Sang, nimble amounts to hires valence is probably 180 yuan or so, and triumphant the day that exceed hires valence is 250 yuan are controlled probably. The quality of these new models is high, their day hires nature valence should compare old model a few more expensive. " Hangzhou country letter rents some inn controller to say.

The car that rent should pick normal company

The personage inside course of study reminds the person that rent a car, must choose the renting company with bigger dimensions, should sign " duty, authority " the reasonable contract that rent a car. Hire a car to must go to normal big company, because normal big company can provide complete insurance, the safety performance of car also can have safeguard more. Generally speaking, normal car rents a company to give used hack car to be done " protect completely " .
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