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3.15 thought for the time being " the car is rented "
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This year " 3.15 " the theme is " consumption and responsibility " , protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, it is the responsibility with whole joint society. We " common people says a thing " 12315 appeal inform against industrial and commercial bureau of city of column combination Qingdao command center, with respect to common consumption the problem releases consumptive caution, today's theme is " the car is rented " .

Complain a theme: The car is rented
Complain case:
Mr Yang last year " 51 " , a in city in relief district travel that rent a car rented a car, the staff member is oral at that time inform rent 1 day to collect fees 130 yuan. After be asked for so that Mr Yang agrees, mr Yang signed on the contract. Because contract content is more, mr Yang was not read carefully signed. When returning a vehicle the following day, collect fees 260 yuan, mr Yang does not understand, reject to pay surplus money, rent a company to take out the contract renting a car of bilateral autograph at this moment, the agreement is made clear above, plan cost unit has two, one is the calculative that press a day, namely day of 130 yuan of / , another calculates by trechometer, namely day of 200 kilometers / , it is you ran one day 300 kilometers collect fees by two days, if ran,405 kilometers collect fees by 3 days, and Mr Yang ran 1 day 275 kilometers, collect fees by two days so, mr Yang looks foolish eye, be forced to pay completely according to sheet.

Consume caution:
12315 warn broad customer, hire a car to want to choose the renting company with bigger dimensions, the contract is signed again after the detail of contract seeing Qing Dynasty; When shifting a car, must try drive, and want careful examination car condition, if bodywork has,without nick, light whether complete, car is locked up whether to wait normally. Want to open a car to build next, examine oil of refrigerant fluid, engine oil, storage battery, brake; If during the holiday cannot return a vehicle in time, still should understand the provision of the company that rent about relet and the plan cost provision of the overtime that rent seriously ahead of schedule; The car became bad should contact the company that rent for a short while, must not do sth without authorization is repaired, rent a company to be able to find out responsibility of breach of contract otherwise; Although hire a firm,those who buy is fully comprehensive insurance, if produce car loss, the car company that rent also meets the likelihood the amount that asks tenant compensate pays car caustic 20 % left and right sides, in addition if be met,blow loiter, must look for a policeman in time to come qualitative, issue relevant proof, such ability get the compensate with due insurance company pay.

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