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Hire a car to come home convenient material benefit scene
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During spending the New Year although spring chill chilly, do not block people to come home however the enthusiastic footstep that celebrate a festival. The golden city car that dimension difficult still steps forward a few years ago rents an industry, in this long holiday borrows severe cold however " prosperous " spend the New Year, beautiful beautiful dig up rat year the first pail of gold. According to reporter understanding, with compared last year, each our city cars rent industry business during the Spring Festival this year hot, of all kinds model is hired beforehand early, the part is intermediate the car appeared even " break archives " awkward situation.

Hire a car to celebrate a festival fashionable

Manager of king of the some car company that rent tells Lanzhou the reporter: "It is apparently good that the business this year wants countrywide head to push travel website to manage systematic TCMSV1.0 at in former years, hire a car to celebrate a festival to had become a kind of fashion. Hire a car to present 3 big characteristics this year: It is to hired car time to shift to an earlier date, 2 be to hire car term to lengthen, 3 it is a client more also to car demand yuan changed. " as we have learned, all sorts of models of the firm before the Spring Festival book a circumstance this year very good, in waiting like Sangdana especially, cheap model is before the Spring Festival half month has hired one sky beforehand.
As we have learned, the renting price of the industry of our city automobile that rent and photograph of city of circumjacent provincial capital are compared relatively inferior, the day of high-grade car leases the part the price does not exceed 600 yuan, and the day of cheap model in waiting hires Sangdana valence is in 130 yuan, 180 yuan between. Such price has tremendous allure undoubtedly. "Basically be to turn round guest, also have quite one part client is come home from the other place spend the New Year. " the staff member of the company of a car that rent says Lanzhou so.

Hire a car to spend the New Year convenient substantial
To renting a car person for, hiring a car to spend the New Year still basically is to go to the lavatory most. Small Liu of cadre of bureau of Lanzhou city forestry comes for years is the stable gens that hires a car to celebrate a festival all the time, because,the end that he tells a reporter to rent a car basically is " go to the lavatory and substantial " . Xiaoliu calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter: Annual during the Spring Festival they should go 4 times Wu Wei native place, roundtrip ticket comes down to also hire car cost with respect to what be equivalent to two days. "The key is much more convenient. Spring carry is so nervous, need not go queueing up to buy a ticket, also need not squeeze a car to hurry on with one's journey by the dot, still can go close to visit friend everywhere, already scene substantial. Already scene substantial..
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