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The firm that hires a car to need supports a few move
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One, look for the company that rent a car to raise action

Because procedures of the big company that rent is all ready, model sort and amount and credit respect have larger dominant position, the company hires a car to had better choose big company. The minicar company that rent chooses leeway not only small, cost is not as economic as big company also. A few small companies are in relet is other company car while, often added a few poundage more, accordingly, small company hires car charge to be returned than big company sometimes expensive.
Additional, if the big company that rent takes over 2 years period when the contract of above, can answer commonly the client asks to be buy new car technically, small company can accomplish this not much.

2, occurrence accident is raised action

Breakdown appears like the car in giving a way, the company that rent can give in time commonly bear hire just transfer, some companies still compensate for delays time, rent the time postpone that time delays by place namely, if have the company that rent a car,do not have relevant and specific provision additionally, that bear hire just had better put forward in time, so that strive for more active.

What need reminds is, if produce traffic to the accident should call the police in time and be contacted with the company that rent, by the company that rent and insurance company connection, the loss that the member that decide careful by insurance company clique again causes to the accident undertakes assessment. At present, guild regulations of the trade that rent a car is commonly, cost of original vehicle repair and medical treatment cost by bear hire square (the person that rent a car) pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, after waiting for insurance company compensation to reach the designated position, if the loss is in compensation less than, criterion bear hire just need not compensate for, otherwise by bear hire just assume the share beyond compensation. In the meantime, bear hire the cost of delay one's work that just recoups this car to be caused in repair even.

3, choose a car to raise action

The vehicle with choose car condition good is very main, place can be checked to hire card of car drive a vehicle to register date first when renting a car, general the new car of the start off inside 9 years won't have what big problem. Next, check its exterior to have serious nick, whether is tire steel group out of shape etc. Finally, try engine voice should hear when driving unusual, whether is the steering wheel when checking stop a car met sideslip. Additional, notice this car place buys insurance even sort and set out the time that register is exact, oily quantity and number of course of development also should be checked.

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