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The car rents the 3 law gully of course of study
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The car is rented have carry, sale, financing, rent wait for a variety of functions, but be in our country, people it and " rent " connection is together, other function has not gotten full parting sending in our country. The reason has 2: The industry starts experience of late, management is short of estrangement lag of plan of relevant law law. Begin now only " rent " business, facing difficult problem of a lot of law. On November 8, countrywide car rents trade person of the same trade to assemble in Beijing, held first China car to rent development forum. Reporter discovery, development of industry of this rising sun is faced with 3 law gully: Cheat sell, traffic accident, punish sheet.

Cheat sell: Public security mechanism is maintained " kindness is obtained "

National Day eve, hangzhou produced malign interlink one case to cheat vehicle big case, cheat hire a person to be in the time that is less than a month, be in Hangzhou urban district early or late the 8 cars company that rent cheats a car 9, very fast low moves. Those who make a person fab is, what notify to the company that rent is to cheat unexpectedly hire him person: "I gamble outside lost money, sold a person of Jiangsu Si this world your car now, you go wanting a car with him. " after the car rents a company to receive oral message, conclude the case to newspaper of public security mechanism immediately, send a person to go Si this world stops a car, but ground of one is assured and bold with justice of the other side puts forward: "Money is taken, the car can be returned. " because the car is him,spend money close.

Receive case hind, public security mechanism thinks tripartite collection is cheated renting car is " well-meaning " obtain, proposal car rents a company to take money to solve. To this, the car hires a firm 100 think of do not get its to solve: "Beautiful money buys his car, what thing is this? What thing is this??

Zhejiang saves a car to rent association chairman Feng Ruilin to say to the reporter, the case that cheat a car crosses a region commonly, report a case to the security authorities to involve the classics detect group of a few areas. Be in a few cases when happen continuously in the case that cheat a car, mechanism of each district public security is right the behavior of person stopping a car, consider as mostly " kindness is obtained " , the requirement company that rent talks things over with person stopping a car solve.

Song Dexin of criminal law doctor says, the guaranty of car, impawn or resell, ought to deal with register or formalities of change the name of owner in a register, the behavior of person stopping a car breaks the law apparently. Here divides kind of case: If know perfectly well this car,be person stopping a car it is to cheat come, his behavior forms collective bilk; 2 it is to receive car person not to know those who come to the car is to cheat, but the price passes apparently low, do not accord with the rule that the market trades, plus without procedures of legal change the name of owner in a register, but illative for behavior of disposal of stolen or contraband goods. The person stopping a car of afore-mentioned cases is accorded with far from " kindness is obtained " condition.
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