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Kunming: Huang Xin sleeves Piao entangles? car rents the business about hot
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National Day golden week grows what the holiday lets Kunming 7 days to be driven oneself swim become hot rise. Many " have car gens " to choose to drive oneself Kunming suburb or amuse oneself of circumjacent city beguilement, the car portfolio that rent also is compared jump at ordinary times.

30 days of early in the morning, live in the peaceful lady near Kunming sea a low bank of earth between fields a 5 buccal people, before driving oneself, go to autonomous prefecture of the Yi nationality of red river the Hani nationality goes picked and bubble hot spring, fresh fruit. "Grow a holiday or give priority to in order to lie fallow, the family goes out happily beguilement, not to see beautiful scenery. "Peaceful lady says.

Reporter from Kunming the company of a few cars that rent understands, kunming majority car hires a firm the car of 80% was booked. The car is booked rate achieve 85% the left and right sides, it is 8 medium-sized car next, because the capacity suits big family or close friends one case quite greatly go on a journey, book so rate also be in 70%-80% . Because National Day hires car business this year hot, a few cars rent the price renting a car of the company to rise somewhat, the price when National Day rose 20% to 30% .

As we have learned, kunming person National Day drives oneself go on a journey is reached besides Dali of provincial and popular line, Teng Chong on the west outside double edition accept, and other places of drawing near Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi also is to drive oneself the destination of amuse oneself. (

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