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Shanghai: Car of National Day golden week is rented book one sky
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National Day comes on long false horse, shanghai car rents estate also subsequently hot. From on Shanghai a few old cars the company that rent learns today, 90% right-and-left cars already were booked, only odd a few equipment cars. In the meantime, the masses rents the leading sheep of the automobile industry that rent to still take the lead in trying in home " car of different land rent is avoided assure avoid cash pledge " service, leave out before hire the formalities with trival car, and the charge of car of different land rent follows basically in Shanghai to rent a car about the same.

As we have learned, during holiday, the citizen that has a driver's license travels to the other place, want to be able to hire a car to be driven oneself in place very much swim, but program complex, cash pledge is costly, still need to assure, often let a citizen " hope the car is promoted sigh " . And the masses car company that rent takes the lead in rolling out member unit member to be able to enjoy car of different land rent to avoid assure, the service that exempts cash pledge, the user needs ten minutes short to be able to drive the car only, this is rented in this city still is first in the industry. And previously, the car that rent needs to pay at least 10 thousand yuan deposit not only, still business charter of belt good Id, company, security waits a proof a moment, need half hour ability to do appropriate at least.

Current, the masses is rented preliminary already formed network to manage mode, have many 3600 car in all, realized Shanghai to be in Beijing, Hangzhou, Ning Bo, Suzhou, interlink the outspread service between the company without the city such as stannum. Accordingly, if the citizen needs to use a car in these places, no matter be to be in Shanghai or place, no matter be to take,drive oneself, can absolve the person that rent a car's trival formalities, do appropriate quickly, very convenient.

Because be pilot,do not pass, avoid cash pledge at present, avoid assure rent a car offer between the employee that be confined to hires unit of many 1000 member to the masses only, future as the client of sincere letter system perfect, hopeful is farther to common hire promotion of car a group of things with common features.

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