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Xiamen: Xiamen of " of 11 " golden week hires car market hot
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This year 11 it is the exclusive golden week since executing small long holiday, xiamen hired car market to be entered undoubtedly expect long already peak period. Recently, the reporter visits Xiamen car to rent market discovery, although the day of the car hires price photograph this year,rise than last year two into many, but the Xiamen car market that rent still is indeed very fire.

"Before a few months rent a car, it is good that Xue Tielong wants 150 yuan only everyday, how to want 200 yuan now? " in travel of friendship distance have transport service, mr Yang that wants to rent a car's not little to going up day hires the price to resent a bit. Mr Chen tells the boss the reporter, the rental price of all this year car has on tone, average every car everyday rise in price 50 yuan, cost price 200 yuan want 250 yuan everyday now.

Rise in price not merely friendship road is connected, the price that other vehicle goes also somewhat rise, extent is in on average two into the left and right sides. Yellow young lady of inn of lotus of China car travel tells a reporter, before National Day, the car such as hire happy wind, triumphant Yue is everyday " 168 yuan 30 yuan " indulgence price, during crossing National Day, indulgence price is same cancel, it is Le Feng, triumphant Yue likewise such car, everyday the price is " 258 yuan 30 yuan " .

During the golden week, rate of the success that rent a car is very high. Yellow young lady of China car travel tells a reporter, many 20 car that this car goes is early be hired in before National Day two days smooth, there are 2 cars to be able to rent external only during National Day.

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