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Gambler sells hire come car returns a debt of honour
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Owe a debt of honour, the usurer that be put chases after debt, liu Shiyi of layers and backers wants to hire a car to sell, repay a debt of honour. Be afraid of by discovery, hire same model to another again, return the first travel that rent a car. Unexpectedly, when making a car by the car advocate discovery, send its into police station. Recently, liu Shiyi by procuratorate of cupreous bridge county in order to be suspected of to sue of crime of fraud.

Like game ever put in prison 7 years

Liu Shiyi of 38 years old, be always passerby of plain area Zhongshan, like game. 2001, a debt of honour that owes to repay, be caught in stealing, was sentenced 7 years.

After be released from prison, liu Shiyi still good bet, before long, owed one buttock a debt of honour again. Creditor chases after debt every day, do so that he cannot come home. To hurry repay a debt, liu Shiyi thought of the travel that rent a car, he is planning, oneself can hire a car to sell from the travel that rent a car, change immediately now. If hire a car to be urged all right,return a vehicle, the car that rents a same color, same type from a travel that rent a car again still goes back, won't be discovered.

On May 5, 2008, liu Shiyi rents a company to rent a car with a piece of false driver's license to car of dragon of cupreous bridge head of a county, cheat a car advocate Yang Yi value 81440 yuan China car, pass Ceng Yong with 15000 yuan price (other case is handled) disposal of stolen or contraband goods, liu Shiyi obtains illicit money 12500 yuan.

Check engine order discovers " clone car "

After the car is hired, yang Yi feels incorrect, call urge Liu Shiyi to return a vehicle rapidly. This issues Liu Shiyi urgent, on May 25, 2008, he finds car of Chongqing Hong Hua to rent a company to rent a car with anonym, cheat value 95030 yuan China car, be in with Yang Yi agreement Chongqing stops a garage to make a car near abstruse body center.

Yang Yi drives the spot to discovery, oneself car rear ever was painted by erase, but a bit trace also does not have this car. Yang Yi immediately generated suspicion, repass is right of engine order check, yang Yi discovers the car is not his China car, however one " clone car " . Yang Yi seizes Liu Shiyi twist send police station.

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