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Beijing Benz car rental business bear fruit
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According to the Beijing Benz news, car rental business since the March launch, the company use of manufacturers, distributors and financial institutions to promote the multiple advantages to the further development of the business, business results have been initially apparent. Beijing-Benz authorized dealer's profit per star as the first pilot dealers, the early days of the purchase of the business carried out more than 100 C-Class E-Class sedans and a long wheelbase for the project, along with the deepening of the business, the Beijing-Benz Boston Magician 4S authorized dealer stores have also join the ranks, and quickly expand their business areas, customers get the recognition. Though Beijing Benz car rental business has just started, but is constantly in-depth financial and vehicles to the corporate management level, providing personalized financial planning programs, from a simple car dealers, car to become Vehicle management experts, financial advisers direction of extension. Meanwhile, in maintenance is to play an irreplaceable role. In addition, the market has learned that Beijing Benz timely response to market demand, has also introduced a variety of flexible financial car program, to meet the different needs of consumer groups, to provide more car financing channels.