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Hangzhou Jiucheng foreign used car rental car rental market with great potenti
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There are many foreign companies are reluctant to Hangzhou money to buy a car, whether it is a bus shuttle to transfer the foreign guests of the luxury car or cars, are there from the car rental company rented. Toshiba Information Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Rented 40 vehicles, an annual rental of 5.6 million yuan. Because of this car rental needs, various types of capital have entered the domestic car market this year. Yesterday, Zhejiang bikers car rental company received Mitsubishi's $ 20,000,000 investment, co-founded the International Automobile Heiner Leasing. Access to investment in the lease before the bikers, one Hi, Divine, Extreme and other several other large-scale domestic car rental companies this year have received a number of international capital injection. It seems investors in the sense of smell, still at the initial stage of the domestic car rental industry, will usher in the development spurt, 2015, the domestic car rental market, turnover will reach 600 billion yuan. Hangzhou Jiucheng foreign used car Toshiba Information Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou responsible person, the light for the shuttle to shuttle, Toshiba will hire more than 20 vehicles, in addition to 15 commercial vehicles and an Audi car. Now the company vehicle rental expenditure for all Altogether, about 5.6 million yuan. If the direct purchase cars to 40 million per bus operators, bus 20 is 8 million yuan, 20 million commercial vehicles in each calculation, 15 is 300 million, a 40 million Audi vehicles counted That is the total cost of car Toshiba 11.4 million yuan, "and, now with the way car drivers are the car rental companies to send, they are also leasing company pays wages. In addition, the annual vehicle inspection, insurance Insurance and maintenance but also by the car rental company pays the bill. If the company buys the car, must pay an additional annual costs associated with about 4 million yuan. In so doing, not as a car rental cost-effective. " Zhejiang Foreign business car rental company manager, said Wang Jian, Hangzhou, 90% of the foreign cars are rented. Car Rental Co., Ltd. Zhejiang per pass is currently within Zhejiang Province, one of the larger car, the company vice president Li Yongcheng manager, said the company almost 8 percent of the customers are business users, "the growth of individual users is not obvious." Personal Car or the direction of future development The industry said that the Chinese people's consumption concept and foreigners are not the same, the Chinese pay more attention to the acquisition of property, and pay more attention to foreigners the right to use. This may be the domestic car rental market is a small amount Important reason, many car rental companies still believe that the personal is the next major car rental car rental company's main market. Che Lin, commercial leasing, said the company inception, the main customers are individual leases, at present, accounting for individual short lease about 50% of total sales. "Publicly available data, in 2007 alone more than 160 million Chinese will have the 'family books', of which permit 65% of car-free." Zhang Xiaolin, chairman of bikers lease that if the gap all by private car to full Feet, will the urban environment, a huge negative impact on management. Mitsubishi's responsible person in a foreign country, 30% -50% of the people be achieved through the car rental needs, which largely alleviated the traffic pressure, is worthy of promotion in China's travel. Domestic and overseas capital beach car rental industry In fact, the bikers lease access to international capital is not the first popular car rental companies. This year, the domestic top-ranking are several major car rental companies domestic and foreign capital has been "carved up." August 29 this year, a Shanghai-based car rental Hi Limited has been huge investment, the investor is a consortium led by Goldman Sachs, the investment amount of $ 70,000,000, the investment is mainly used for expansion of the company Rental fleet size. Before Goldman Sachs, a Hi from three venture capital companies car rental to $ 95,000,000 to raise funds. The three companies, including CDH Ventures, Ignition Partners and Qiming Venture Partners. September of this year, Legend Holdings to 1.2 billion in equity to obtain China Auto Rental of Yuwu Cheng, Legend Holdings is not a whim, China Auto Rental shares. Back in 2007, Legend Holdings to the China Auto Rental dropped initial venture capital. Another large-scale domestic car rental companies - Extreme Car Rental to get a huge amount of financing the same. Mitsubishi admitted the head of the reason for choosing leasing and co-riders, in addition to leasing in the Yangtze River Delta area bikers sound channels and the rapid growth of differentiation capacity, but also because other large car rental Leasing companies have been other capital "pre-empted" the. Great potential in the domestic car rental market The reason why frequent international capital injection of domestic car rental companies, is naturally found in China's car rental market, money to be made. According to reports in the United States, Europe, Japan, car 4S shops often sell cars and car rental business with two businesses. The United States there are 3 million people, the car rental industry is well developed, the nation's largest car rental company has more than 100 Million cars; Japan Oushi power company has leased more than 900,000 vehicles; while China has a population of 1.3 billion, but only the largest car rental company of more than 2,000 vehicles. However, in recent years, the domestic car rental industry is also very fast. Across the country already has tens of thousands of car rental companies (for the registration of about 5,000) in 2007, the national registration of motor Before more than 800 car rental companies. Beijing, as the country's largest car rental market, already has more than 10,000 rental cars; in Xiamen and Fuzhou, the number of vehicles car rental more than the number of local taxis, which A situation may occur in many cities. Avis car rental, according to projections, by 2015, domestic car rental market, demand will more than 500,000 vehicles, operating income reached 600 billion yuan. However, the present, the domestic car rental is still in the decentralized state, with only 3-4 companies have leased vehicles 1000-2000 vehicles, car ownership is more small businesses under 100. Senior car rental industry Experts, the United States Arthur Greater China Managing Director Dr. Thomas Schiller, decentralized network of Chinese car rental market, the market is chaotic, the lack of large-scale and chain network management, Corresponding lack of car rental administration, management is not in place.