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Zhengzhou the first 11 months 144,100 new vehicles car rental cold
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Car rental Wang did not have this year "This year did not see the fire over a year, the company's car never had enough of the situation." Zhengzhou Oriental car rental company manager Mr Cheng relatively depressed. Zhengzhou, the reception of another car rental companies say, before the New Year in previous years, car rental market are the fire, especially in high-end wedding car, want to book 1 month in advance may start, late may not on the number row, but " New Year's Day car next year, has not received an order, in previous years, cars are booked almost all of it. " Holidays in the car rental market, poor business, the business is usually surprisingly deserted, "the original hand-car train, to visit relatives back home are still many, and now we have to buy a car, this customer is not slowly, the company dozens of cars cars, only a few cars a day to make money running out, the remaining is in the home 'to sleep'. " Yesterday, the Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Zou Fang and Liao Duojia leasing company, received from the business point of view, this year, the whole of Zhengzhou car rental industry are relatively flat. Impact Popularity of private cars, the impact of the car rental industry What causes a dramatic car rental business this year, shrinking it? Liu said the industry, increase of private cars, leading to the main reason for decline in car rental business. Zhengzhou Branch of the IRS data provided vehicle purchase, the first 11 months of this year, Zhengzhou, purchased a total of 144,100 people and car sales market more and more prosperous. And into December, it is peak season for car sales, coupled with the vehicle purchase tax concessions is going to cancel the news, recently ordered the public to low-emission cars up, is expected before the end of the sales of small cars there will be blowout. In addition to increasing the number of private cars, this year's economic situation, the folk wisdom of "widow year", the black car, private car, "moonlighting" on the impact of car rental industry is not small. "Although illegal operation of private car leasing, car rental market, but because of staggering profits, a growing number of private cars entering the market, which also impact on the car rental industry in Zhengzhou." Liu said. Reminded Car rental must be a priori Car travel in the provision of convenience, some hidden dangers can not be ignored. Zhengzhou Hong Sheng Cao Tian, such as car rental companies to remind managers, car rental when traveling in advance and check the condition and signed with the leasing company formal lease contract. Must carefully review the terms of the contract, the rental of vehicles to be insured, insurance claims procedures, the division of responsibilities, such as repairs to understand clearly the contribution amount, check for future dispute. "Car accident no one wanted to travel, many car most people usually drive very little, once the rental vehicle during the accident, the lessee must immediately contact the traffic control department and leasing companies." Caotian if said car rental companies who normally would help the insurance the company reported, while the renters to try to preserve the scene for traffic control department and insurance companies dealing with incidents.