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Xian cheap car rental promotion "enclosure"
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At present, China is undoubtedly moving towards auto power forward. In 2009, China's first world's largest car producer and the largest car consumer market, cars reach more than 6300 million. The rapid increase of vehicles are also brought traffic jams, parking difficulties, severe air pollution and other "lifestyle diseases." As today's "sunrise industry", car rental is gradually being more and more familiar to consumers and medium-sized enterprises and favor. In the end end of the year, car rental market also began a price war. Industry analysts believe that, do not rule out the various car rental companies, "competing enclosure" and other factors. Jing Bao: Divine 95% 50% car rental straight down Recently, a breaking news came from the China Auto Rental Company. From December 1 to January 13, 2011, and the Divine's rent will be 95% of the car straight down 50%, the lowest daily rent 39 per vehicle (the other insurance to pay 20 yuan and 20 yuan fee); a period of one half months, some straight down at rental industry price. Shenzhou car rental companies, according to Zhang Yan, director of public relations, apart from Cadillac, BMW and Mercedes models such as five, the other day in the online booking rental cars, you can enjoy half price. If Monday to Thursday, 39 yuan per day you can rent a BYD F0, Le Chi; 49 yuan to rent to the new Sail, Peugeot 207 and Elysee. Staff, to hire BYD F0, for example, consumers need to pay 39 per rental, the need to pay 20 yuan 20 yuan insurance premium and fees, and a freeze on a credit card pre-authorization amount to 3,000 yuan. This is the China Auto Rental full line of products in August this year, following the straight down 30-50 percent, the industry has thrown a "blockbuster." China Auto Rental of this event as only through online booking, car rental sites even paralysis Divine can not log book, some people questioned online car rental booking website in order to promote a new domain name Divine. China Auto Rental company public relations official said, the end of 6000 new vehicles will be gradually put in place, when the China Auto Rental to 1.2 million vehicles in the rental scale, indeed the promotion of new domain names is to allow us to accept new ways of car travel. The next day, car rental companies have come up with this initiative to follow up a policy to deal with price cuts. Extreme car and buy a website to launch three models at 9.9 yuan's car rental activities (see also need to add 40-60 yuan range of integrated services fee). The event attracted over thousands of users to participate. Extreme Car Rental Huang, director of marketing standard introduction, 9.9 yuan to rent a Chevrolet Aveo 1.4AT, Citroen Elysee 1.6AT, Citroen C21.6AT an arbitrary three, plus 40 yuan a comprehensive service charges, rent One day car only 49.9 yuan. Also promised that if there is car-free situation, you can upgrade to a more high-end models. Trends: unsustainable price war "The price we certainly can not do this, otherwise it can close up shop." Shaanxi, a car rental company has said that this year did not see the fire over a year, the company's car never had enough of the situation. The same situation also appears in Xi'an Ying Road a car rental company. "In past years before and after New Year's Day, car rental market are the fire, especially in high-end wedding car, want to book 1 month in advance may start, late may not on the number row." Reception staff said the car the new year so far have not received an order. Xi'an, car rental companies from receiving more than the business, this year, the entire car rental industry in Xi'an are relatively flat. Holidays in the car rental market, poor business, the business usually is strangely deserted. "Increase of private cars, leading to the main reason for decline in car rental business." Liu Meng industry that December is the traditional peak season for car sales, coupled with the vehicle purchase tax concessions is going to cancel the message, the latest low-emission vehicles ordered more people together, is expected before the end of the sales of small cars there will be blowout. "Although illegal operation of private car leasing, car rental market, but because of staggering profits, a growing number of private cars entering the market, which also impact on the car rental industry in Zhengzhou." Liu said. In this regard, industry analysts believe that, with the continuing price cuts, some companies will face a lack of strength of the risk of early exit, the car rental industry consolidation and standardization will grow faster. However, in a low-profit rental sector and transparent environment, analysts correctly predicted a price war can not be sustained in the short term is difficult to occur industry reshuffle. Highlights: access to capital markets favor Lenovo Holdings in August this year to 1.2 billion shares in cash since the China Auto Rental consecutive high-profile shot. First line of products down 30% -50% straight, followed by Shanghai East China spent 25.5 million yuan acquisition of leases, both in Beijing and Shanghai, the most important markets for the car rental business layout. 3 weeks ago, is thrown out the history of China's largest car rental vehicles, purchase orders, to spend 6 billion purchase of 6,000 operational vehicles, the current total number of its operations has reached 12,000 vehicles, more than Beijing auto leasing company, ranking first in the country one. In scale, the China Auto Rental e-commerce and call centers, through customer self-service car hire and car rental reservation phone, and through cooperation with commercial banks, credit card advances achieved. China Auto Rental side said that the move greatly reduce the operating costs, the ability to lower prices in the market competition. PKU Leichun Zhao told the media that desperately scale enterprises, aimed at economies of scale can not only lead to market share growth, but also access to capital markets like the biggest bright spot. Car Rental Holdings in the vast 1.2 billion shares of Lenovo at the same time, the end of August this year, Shanghai has gained a Hi Car of investors led by Goldman Sachs $ 70,000,000 in equity financing. November 22, bikers Car Rental Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan held a press conference, announced by Mitsubishi car rental companies to the first round of riders Zhejiang Investment $ 20,000,000, and jointly set up an international car rental Haina Co., Ltd., started Mitsubishi car rental market in China, the layout. Lei Chunzhao that China Auto Rental through price competition, will consider the incorporation of some small local car rental companies, the industry into the integration phase as soon as possible in order to achieve enhancement of industry concentration, oligopolistic market as soon as possible to enter the advanced stage of development. "In this time to take low-cost strategy, is likely to further expand their market." Industry sources, domestic car rental services currently engaged in enterprises from 5000 to 10,000, with more than 300 rental vehicles is only 20 or so companies , industry concentration is very low, even Divine, a leading Hi industries, market share is only 2% to 3%. At this time, with low prices to attract consumers to the car rental industry to become a member is more commonly used means of It is noteworthy that the Chinese car rental market development has frequently attracted the well-known large investment institutions of all ages. In the United States, Europe, Japan and China Taiwan region, 30% -50% of the people is realized through the leasing car needs. In China, the relevant policy has been actively encouraging the development of car rental industry, the industry's leading car rental company naturally became the meat and potatoes of the eyes of foreign investment institutions. Competition: the "soft environment" spread The price cuts, in addition to Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Buick GL8, and the new LaCrosse, the company rents all the models are in the price list. Among them, the most affordable price, the Peugeot 207, 49 per day rental for the day, 69 yuan a day rent for holidays; In addition, the BYD F0, new style, Excelle and other Japanese rents are hundred yuan. Deputy Secretary-General by the National Federation, said Choi Dong-tree, with the car rental market heating up and competition among enterprises, the domestic car market share is bound to a small number of high-quality enterprises are concentrated. China Auto Rental price cuts, many economy cars are creating industry rents low, and these models have the most extensive customer, so that competitors overwhelming. The price cuts, the China Auto Rental will not only market share from rivals, but also make some of those who intended to buy a car to join the ranks of car rental. To a Buick Excelle sedan, for example, its market price now is about 10 million, can be used to buy home about 8 years; in the vast car rental, rent Buick Excelle's offer of a day 99. For a person to drive every day, its purchase of a Buick Excelle, each use cost about 34.25 yuan; If the rate is 50%, while the use of the cost is 68.5 per million; if the frequency of use 30%, increased the cost per use of 114 yuan. Generally speaking, for those who drive less than 3 days a week, the owner, the car as car hire. "Price is only a means to see, do not see the deeper level of scale, service quality, competition is spreading." The source said, it is foreseeable that with the continuing price cuts, some enterprises will lack the strength of facing the danger of early exit, the car rental industry consolidation and standardization will be further accelerated.