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" car renter notice "
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To lease the safe operation of car, also the personal interest for you, ask you to remember the following clause:
1, drive the person must hold driver's license of effective People's Republic of China and category and hire car conform to drive definitely on the driver's license.
2, drive age in a year of above.
3, divide you oneself or your " the car rents registration form " who makes clear drive outside personnel, without rental square written license, do not allow anybody to drive you bear our company car that rent,
Otherwise, bear hire just need to assume the relevant responsibility that causes from this.
4, you bear the car that rent can be used inside Hainan island only, otherwise, bear hire just need to assume the legal etc that causes from this relevant responsibility.
5, the time returning a vehicle that you should provide by the contract, place remands on time bear rent car and car condition and " car hands over sheet " in the car before you rent a car besides register without discrepancy, if appear to be blown newly, touch,
Phenomenon or the equipment such as attaint, certificate not complete you should pay the fee with car damage cost and corresponding other by actual loss. If the car attaint need that is not insurance accident happens during you are rented
When replacing car, you need to press appraise damage value 120% pay car caustic deposit rear can offer replace car.
6, to avoid the occurrence of afore-mentioned circumstances, ask you to be opposite everyday oil of engine oil, brake, antifreeze, tyre pressure, lamplight make groovy inspection, if discover a problem, please seasonable with rental square connection.
If need to fill truly,cheer fluid, must use the product that manufacturer home allows.
7, if bear hire car to malfunction or unusual, you should jockey instantly with rental square connection, be like not with rental square connection, continue to use the loss that cause to will be assumed by you.
8, if bear hire accident of car happening traffic and other accident, ask you to inform traffic of management department instantly, inform at the same time rental square, maintain a place by rental square arrangement, you cannot
Proper motion is maintained or manufacturer of maintenance of proper motion choice undertakes maintaining, prohibit continueing to use the car that already was damaged bad, ask you to cooperate the branch that make a valve actively to handle accident of good liaison man, rental Fangke gives help.
9, everything what rent during just assuming car to rent, traffic accident or other accident are caused is sequential, include to concern sectional fine.
10, earnest money of pay traffic violate the rules and regulations needs when you return a vehicle 1000 yuan, after 15 weekday, if do not have violate the rules and regulations,the record is answered namely.
11, if you lose during renting a car license plate or other concerned credentials, you should be assumed fill do charge and car to stop the renting charge during sailing from this.
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