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Carry out capital of harmony of contract demonstrative text to trade order
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[Beijing daily dispatch] in recent years, our city economy grows quickly continuously, satisfied the corporeal culture demand that people increases increasingly, raised people's living standard. Meanwhile, trade in the market and still existing in the domain that common people life consumes: Contract autograph is led about low or the autograph is made an appointment with non-standard, honor the agreement behavior is optional, the contract lawsuit quantity that phenomenon of break a contact highlights place to bring about, arbitral quantity and consumption complain heighten of amount year after year, use rights and interests of consumer of enroach on of clause of inequitable contract pattern to wait for a problem. Because the contract is the market,trade the main carrier of behavior, contract autograph is made an appointment with, honor the agreement the existence of side issue, the order of capital market economy that destroyed stable, harmony, earnestly needs to undertake standard and processing.

What industrial and commercial bureau regards Beijing as order of economy of superintendency capital market is integrated execute the law branch, from 1999 since, with " promote trade fair justice, safeguard consumer to close right increase, " for guiding ideology, closely around " the heat that the stress that economy grows, society pays close attention to, consumer complains focus and the difficulty of superintendency job " , alone or was in charge of division system to be carried out surely about administration jointly a series of involve company production to manage already, set an example with the contract closely related consumer interest again text. Up to now, industrial and commercial bureau makes Beijing in all pursue demonstrative text version of of all kinds contract 68 kinds, the garment that involved broad citizen, feed, live, the main field that travel and company production run, the circulation year after year of contract demonstrative text grows, amounted to 6.67 million 2006.

In the enterprise production runs a side, carried out early or late " contract of hire of market field land rent " , " construction project designs a contract " , " adornment decorates engineering construction contract " wait for demonstrative text 25 kinds. If be comfortable agree to do " green Olympic Games " requirement, bureau of afforest of park of city of combination of city industrial and commercial bureau was made " contract of construction of gardens afforest engineering " , the quality with special flowers of the quarantine responsibility that made clear construction place to require nursery stock data, gardens guarantees the content such as responsibility, formulary afforest cultivates a project to be in guarantee period a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces reachs level of 2 class conserve, guarantee period inside nursery stock dies, should be in cultivate season to give by original design breed, norms change etc.

Solve our city concrete to trade for the standard order, city industrial and commercial bureau and city are built appoint made jointly " concrete business contract " and " contract of concrete additive business " , made clear quality responsibility to maintain with clause of time limit of settle accounts of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold, alleviated because agree,perplex what concrete produces a business for a long time unidentified and cause a project to cannot be checked and accept for a long time, and money paid for something purchased or received for something sold cannot the problem of seasonable settle accounts, thereby strong supported project of Olympic Games place.
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