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The exceed the time limit that rent a car does not return break a contact to mus
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After from the car the company that rent rents a car, exceed the time limit not reassign car. Yesterday, careful of first instance of court of people of city of Jiangsu province Changshu writtens guarantee the car rents contract dispute desk one case, the person that adjudicate the exceed the time limit that rent a car is not returned undertakes responsibility of breach of contract.

On October 6, 2006, national China of the accused Yuan rented limited company to sign car of a Ma Zida to rent a contract by Id photocopy and Ming Kai car of accuser Changshu city, the deadline that rent is on October 6, 2006 14 when come 30 minutes on November 5, 2006 14 when 30 minutes, hire is everyday 200 yuan. In column of responsibility of breach of contract both sides agrees a hour of reassign pays every exceed the time limit 40 yuan rent. The autograph is made an appointment with that day, the accused gives paid accuser 3000 yuan of hire and 2000 yuan of earnest money, drive the car. On October 25, 2006, the accused accuses 3000 yuan of hire to Fu Yuan again. After the contract expires, the accused fails to press remand about car, send a person to search for many times for this accuser not if really.

2006 the end of the year, the horse that in Changshu one hospital parking lot discovers to the accused is rented amounts to accuser oneself car, but this car is not use by him the accused, after the member that accuser and car my wife produces conflict, call the police, accuser appears personally via police station after car of resumptive Ma Zida, sue requirement the accused to pay penalty due to breach of contract 16320 yuan for this accuser.

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This case reveals the problem that rental hire company exists on management, should cause the attention of people. Competition of the car line of business that rent is unusually at present intense, rent portfolio to expand, the company that rent often chooses to relax the condition that rent, the credit record to the client, fulfill ability, economic atmosphere to examine not quite strict, the result was gotten by a few illegal elements chance.

The company that rent should the further normative action that rent, the checkup that perfects pair of person that rent a car formalities, it is certain to ask its are offerred as far as possible assure, produce needless issue in order to avoid even loss.

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