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Principle of Harbin municipal government runs way through the taxi
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Yesterday, the 7th times standing conference principle passes Harbin municipal government " cab of Harbin city town runs way " , the behavior that made clear taxi operator, driver and passenger is normative. Set among them, if the taximan did not use valuation according to the regulation implement perhaps did not issue effective note, the passenger can reject to pay fare.

Go out

" method " regulation, taxi management business must not ask the driver is contributive purchase car to perhaps use cab right of administration with one-time buy outright, or security of income of gold of collection risk guaranty, belongings guaranty gold, operation and high specified number contract to the means such as cost invests to taxi driver marry again and run a risk; Do not get all sorts of embezzle part of what should be issued, policy sexes that hold back a government to send a taximan allowance fund.

Operator is violated compasses and do not rectify and reform Qing Dynasty to give the market

" method " be in " regulation of traffic of passenger transport of Harbin city town " on the foundation of concerned regulation, perfected cab market to exit a mechanism further, branch of director of administration of formulary city traffic ought to is opposite regularly quality of the aptitude condition of operator, management, service, safe operation, serve the circumstance such as education to undertake assessing assess from civilization of personnel of course of study. Always assess instruct deadline unqualifiedly to rectify and reform, exceed the time limit is not rectified and reform or rectify and reform still unqualified, cancel basis code its to manage a qualification.

  Manage without card confiscate earning and penalize a fund

" method " regulation, to obtaining cab " business certificate " , " operation certificate " do sth without authorization is engaged in cab managing and divert, embezzle, imitated cab license plate is engaged in cab managing, branch of director of city traffic administration is OK of short duration smashs car, instruct stop to violate act, confiscate illegal income, be in with 5000 yuan of above 10 thousand yuan fine below. Already obtained " business certificate " the car of operator new investment was not dealt with " operation certificate " battalion of do sth without authorization carries, be in 2000 yuan of above 5000 yuan of the following amerce.

" method " return a regulation, be managed to using the car that suspends battalion use to be engaged in cab or offer false proof, fill do operation certificate to illuminate, will be in with 3000 yuan of above 5000 yuan fine below.

Midway malfunctions to must not collect fees to the passenger

" method " requirement driver carries must not smoke inside the car in the process in battalion, transgressor is in fine to 100 yuan with 50 yuan; Do not reject a passenger unjustifiably to hire by, agree to must not close without the passenger carry or bypass travel, deregulation person will be in fine 1000 yuan below with 500 yuan of above. In way of taxi battalion movement, car malfunctions, the accident perhaps cannot continue as a result of driver reason of travel, must not collect fees. Do not remand to passenger losing refus, will assume corresponding responsibility lawfully.
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