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Can enjoy free insurance by the car
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New " Hubei province road carries byelaw " carry out, passenger transport car must be protected every year to be cast every 100Yuan

New " Hubei province road carries byelaw " (the following abbreviation " byelaw " ) carry out since yesterday, new " byelaw " cancelled road to carry a representative, assemble and unassemble carry, goods deserves to carry with information car of tally of service, storage, commodity is sent wait for administrative license, turn into these item after the event puts on record. As we have learned, deal with administration to make comparable heavy and complicated before, need 20 days, and after cancelling now, need to do an after the event to put on record only, 1 day enough.

New " byelaw " what new window to still have? To this, the personage is right related bureau of canal of Hubei province carry new " byelaw " refer read, he thinks new " byelaw " aggrandizement passenger transport serves quality, enhanced superintendency strength to vehicle maintenance and repair, reduced a car to rent the risk of course of study.


Put an end to the   that throw a passenger "

Passenger ticket must indicate " car advocate "  

Present passenger ticket, indicated to send car time, fare to wait only mostly, when passenger midway is swung or the interest such as price of car of drive up of do sth without authorization is damaged, find " car advocate " more troublesome, also go against the market to superintend.

According to introducing, new " byelaw " ought to carry on requirement passenger ticket bright specific carrier, indicate namely the company that the car is in or car advocate name. The car is famous have a last name, can the interest of passenger of utmost ground safeguard.

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