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The car rents course of study to administer provisional regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first rents industry government to strengthen a car, person of battalion of the protective car already that rent (the following abbreviation hires management person) with the tenant that uses the car that rent (tenant of the following abbreviation) legitimate rights and interests, stimulative car rents the healthy progress of course of study, according to concerned law laws and regulations of the country, make this provision.

The 2nd car is rented is to point to management person is rented to use tenant of consign of the car that rent inside conventional time, collection hires cost, do not offer drive the management means of the service.

This the 3rd regulation is applied to mix except car of the of all kinds passenger car beyond passenger transport of bus, cab, van, special type of other motor-driven car hire management activity.

The development of the line of business of the 4th car that rent is executed make overall plans, much home is managed, integrate administrative principle.

The 5th various traffic is in charge of a branch to be in charge of car of this area under administration hiring the management of course of study. The road that place of traffic director branch belongs to carries politics the administration is specific the administrative obligation that fulfils a car to rent estate. Branch of officer of price of the State Council makes a car rent course of study to collect fees jointly with traffic director branch project. Branch of each provincial price officer is in charge of stipulating car of this area under administration rents estate rate, price of newspaper the State Council is in charge of a branch to put on record.

The 2nd order leaves close down government

The 6th management car rents course of study to must have requirement of economy of the following technology:
(One) outfit a car not less than 20, and car vehicle value not less than 2 million yuan. The car that rent should be new car or those who reach order and degree of one class technology using a car, have all ready and effective car travel papers.
(2) must have not less than car vehicle value the circulating fund of 5 % .
(3) have fixed management and office place, parking lot area not less than retain normally the car that rent is 1.5 times of the area more umbriferous.
(4) necessary management orgnaization and corresponding administrator, the part of one's job on post waits not to have one in technology of management, car, financial accounting the name is had primary the professional technology personnel that reachs its above title.
(5) have corporate organization.

The 7th application manages a car to rent course of study to should press following program to deal with:
(One) run government of people of class of street, country or director department the concerned material such as proof of report of analysis of proof and industry organization constitution, management feasibility, financial condition carries to path of local county level politics the administration puts forward practice to apply for, carry by prefectural level path politics after administration examine and verify, sign up for path of ground city level the administration examines and approve carry politics.
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