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Domestic head ministry " the car rents management service standard " apply
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Car of domestic head ministry rents industry government kind standard -- Beijing place standard " the car rents management service standard " carry out formally at will rising on September 1 this year. In the meantime, beijing car rents what still will one is united to rent contract demonstrative text this year, the both sides that rent can sign a contract to fill on text foundation increase a provision. After the first car of countrywide rented a company to be born in Beijing 1989, the car rented an industry to get swift and violent development. This " standard " come on stage, united the management of the enterprise that rent and service standard, the behavior that rents both sides to the car put forward to make clear a requirement, will alleviate effectively the situation with the car long-term and troubled market that rent. Nevertheless, " standard " the maneuverability of mid cent clause whether all be like person meaning or unknown.

This standard was paid attention to particularly public to involving a society interest, public safety and hire

As we have learned, at present the Beijing car company that rent has 130, 240 business sites, car rental 1 . 70 thousand, car year rent on average lead 80 % , industry year total output value is close 1 billion yuan. But in hire industry in swift and violent development, also existing standard of management pattern extensive, management service each different and administrative levels level are uneven wait for a problem, urgent need comes with uniform standard the management service behavior of normative industry, promote management standard.

According to introducing, will arrive in July from this year in June 2008, beijing will organize whole town car to rent an enterprise to begin mark of overall follow in a continuous line to amount to mark activity. (be over)

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