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Beijing will be carried out at will beginning to be rented to the car on Novembe
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Carry management board according to Beijing about print and distribute " the Beijing car management that rent is temporary method " announcement, since November 1, beijing accords with the car of following condition to rent operator, can rent to conduction car of road carriage management department put on record formalities: 1. Have the legal person of industrial and commercial business charter or branch; 2. Business limits includes a car to rent; 3. Have fixed management and office range; 4. Accord with a car to rent industry classics to safety runs a level and perfect car rents manage and safe managing regulations, system. Execute put on record after registering, apanage road carries management department to have the management activity that hires a company to the car administrative. Put on record item includes practice to put on record, change puts on record and stop, close a business puts on record. Outside dividing Beijing, current and formal executive car is rented put on record of management still have Sichuan province, " Sichuan province road carries regulation " regulation " the operator of passenger transport motor vehicle that rent ought to arrive lawfully mechanism of industrial and commercial administration handles industrial and commercial business license, the car that to path of seat county level carriage trade management department puts on record and carries for investment explain get road to carry card " .

Chinese road carries what association finishs to rent statistic of administrative pattern survey to show about countrywide car recently, in 13 cities that the countrywide automobile industry that rent centers quite, 3 cities unlock the industry government that the car rents completely, other city executes a license, put on record or the industry government that approval of industrial and commercial time-out sets a car newly to rent the different form such as the enterprise. Be being rented as a result of the car is a burgeoning industry and have road to carry, rent (include financing) wait for many industries feature, because how is this rented to the car,undertake industry government has different knowledge all the time, each district also forms different industry government policy and mode. Newspaper office of traffic of association of Chinese road carriage association, Chinese trailer coach boat, China the first ten days of a month will hold in big talk in December " car of the 2nd China rents development forum " will invite management department of main city trade to lead, discuss the industry government policy that suits a car to rent an industry to develop and mode jointly.

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