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Beijing suburb looks for a forest land to camp on the weekend
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Arrange forestry centre of justice tide white river: The area of scene of travel of Campagna forest zoology with the largest Beijing, be located in Beijing to arrange justice area Li Sui to press down on the west, wet white riverside, be apart from Beijing area 35 kilometers, be apart from capital airport 13 kilometers.

Clean out color

The state-operated forestry centre of decathlon all-round

One makes the lady of Shuai Ke's dog and shuttlecock

In a grove, we were to see the person that ride a bicycle first, not be two rounds of bikes that riding to commute in the city, however inclined those who rely on on the seat to walk is four-wheel bicycle. Very sharp turn bends the bicycle too, disappear in a poplar forest later rear. Next we see a dog, gundog of wool of a gold, we know it calls Shuai Ke, because of grove another someone is crying: "Shuai Ke, shuai Ke " . The dog that is called Shuai Ke moves back and forth back and forth in two side of Lin Zhonglu, the cry comes from two ladies that wear sunglasses, she two have one to build on the road did not build the ground to playing badminton. Roadside is parking their car, there is Shu Lang on car window and the irregular sky between lofty tree and tree, in car window, sitting a woods to spring, air and motion feel nauseous little girl, full she is worn in car inner tube afternoon nauseous expression looks at mom and aunt to play a ball game over.

Shuai Ke goes straight towards the sound that run to balk, it plumps developed a flat, very fast, the clang after water is churned was passed from woods of quiet and beautiful. That is not mountain stream or Lin Quan, that is the tap water that irrigates to tree, from the pipe of a skin between brushwood gurgle ground drips come out.

"Where does the dog have a place to run in the city, there is water again now (depression) , glad of course, it likes water most. " fur coat lady faces the Shuai Ke that is her in the reporter of pleasance together to undertake explaining, "Drive from Beijing come over not far also, a hour arrived, and do not have entrance ticket, coming in is. Coming in is..

   Discovery is in battlefield

Badminton lover still is over there narrate her good and free vacation, we manage thoroughly bedraggled forest land, among them Hao is careless everywhere, reach person knee high, still have a when show a black that scorch and becomes is cindery. Cindery and rear decayed iron sheet bucket more remind us what here ever had produced, at this time, the U.S. Army jeep of open sail appeared, two side lacquer wears iron sheet railroad car fade lubricious star. It is first, stop in brushwood quietly, nobody, tire defect of shrivelled shrivelled ground is in underground, if approach can see grass has fallen from the nonexistent batholith in railroad car rose.

Appeared respectively again in the southeast of this car and northeast direction a likewise dated U.S. Army jeep. There is the entrenchment, sheet that is inserted in the ground between jeep piece green board, there is the model of written characters of WC above. The barren grass in U.S. Army jeep has wooden sign to be being written on edge of the dypass outside the world " be equal to Ke Bo " .
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