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Beijing drives travel notes to add road book oneself to Dalian
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Dalian is marine climate, spring is longer, difference in temperature of morning and evening is not big. Annual in April - October is the superexcellent season that its travel. And the 51 air temperature during are controlled 20 degrees by day, night is controlled 10 degrees, difference in temperature is not small still. Dalian because of advantaged situation, also brought up advantaged clean city, very pretty good still.

Time: 27 years on May 3 - 7 days

Travelling expenses of high speed going there and back: Cloth?20 yuan

Time of drive a vehicle: Tiao?0 hour, par speed per hour makes an appointment with 108 kilometers / hour

● Beijing drives parade to sail schedule reachs road book oneself to Dalian:

On May 3 7:30, arrive at Bai Lu of Beijing Shenyang high-speed to collect fees station, collecting fees the station is adjusted, little interest, get the begins us formally trip after card.

8:10, arrive at Heibei sweet river to collect fees station, high speed pass by expends 20 yuan. From now on we had sailed Heibei churchyard. (40 much kilometers of distance Beijing) Beijing of Beijing Shenyang high speed paragraph car is more still, by its it is old freight car, the car must maintain to be apart from when travel.

10:42, we arrived at hill custom to collect fees station, pass by of collection high speed expends 110 yuan.

Sail from now on Liaoning churchyard, along by way of Guo Yutian serves county of area, Luan to serve area, Lu Long to serve area, north Dai He serves custom of area, hill to serve an area. The on the way view after and go out closing is very good, driving mood also is met very free from worry. (Be apart from Beijing nearly 300 kilometers)

12:15, arrive at division of the service that start a city () of division of service of 5 stars class, area of the service that start a city is very large still, establishment is very good also, the proposal rests here, have a meal. We eat shut-eye of the nap after the meal in division of the service that start a city, after adding full oil afternoon at 1 o'clock 20 leave service area.

Afternoon 2:45, beijing Shenyang high speed leaves around city of Liaoning province Pan Jin, go on the right side of driveway sails dish of sea battalion high speed (Pan Jin -- sea wall -- battalion mouth) .

Afternoon 3:45, arrive at 6 dishes to collect fees station, pass by of collection high speed expends 110 yuan. Piece collect fees can see after the station " Spanish mackerel is encircled -- Dalian " guide indicates a shop sign, begin to sail Shenyang is big freeway (right now distance Beijing makes an appointment with 650 kilometers) . Shenyang is big the road of the freeway besides the condition is first-rate, two-way 8 driveway, on the way scenery makes a person unforgettable.

Fall in condition of this kind of road condition nevertheless imperceptible with respect to overspeed, suggest everybody must maintain speed here, and Shenyang big high-speed is photographed resemble a head very much, besides photograph apparently outside resembling a head, still having a few is concealed in demonstrative card backside. Good exceed in ours inspect can T700GPS is contained photograph remind a function like the head, have when ahead when measuring fast area, it can remind you to notice speed.
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