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Beijing comes Dalian road book
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Course of development going there and back: Distance of drive a vehicle going there and back about 1, 876 kilometers, among them Beijing east bridge of all directions of 4 annulus road collects fees to Dalian high speed the station is one-way be apart from 840 kilometers;
Travel circuitry: Beijing, north wears a river, Qin Huang island, start a city, Pan Jin, Dalian;

Travelling expenses of high speed going there and back: Add up to 620 yuan;

Go back and forth between fat fee: About 515 yuan, par 100 kilometers oily bad news 6.9 litres (did not open air conditioning) ;

Time of one-way drive a vehicle: About 8 hours, high speed grade is average speed 130 kilometers / hour;

Drive car condition: The Fu Kang car that buys 99 years, the 1.4(that discharge an amount is not taken turn to the) that help strength, at present travel 114 thousand kilometer;

Travel total cost: A total cost of 3 visit is 4265 yuan;

Beijing comes Dalian travel schedule:

1, 7 ∶ 30a.m, from Beijing east all directions bridge on 4 annulus road sets out () of start of course of development, sail crossing of Beijing Shenyang high speed. Bai Lu of Beijing Shenyang high-speed arrives to collect fees after 5 minutes station, after getting card gallop formally on Beijing Shenyang high speed. (Collect fees the station is apart from Beijing east 4 annulus jumping-off place 8 kilometers)

2, 8 ∶ 00a.m, arrive at Heibei sweet river to collect fees station, high speed travelling expenses 20 yuan. We sail from now on Heibei churchyard. (Be apart from 42 kilometers of Beijing)

3, 10 ∶ 30a.m, arrive at hill custom to collect fees station, high speed travelling expenses 110 yuan. Sail from now on Liaoning churchyard, along by way of Guo Yutian serves county of area, Luan to serve area, Lu Long to serve an area (4 stars class serves an area) , boreal Dai He serves custom of area, hill to serve an area. (Be apart from 293 kilometers of Beijing)

4, 11 ∶ 30a.m. Arrive at division of the service that start a city () of division of service of 5 stars class, have a meal rest 40 minutes. (Be apart from 400 kilometers of Beijing)

5, 12.45a.m. The car first time that is me in division of tower hill service is cheered, 3.94 yuan / rise, charge 105 yuan;

6, 13.00p.m. Beijing Shenyang high speed leaves around city of Liaoning province Pan Jin, right-hand rotation sails dish of sea battalion high speed (Pan Jin -- sea wall -- battalion mouth) , there is apparent directive card on the freeway. (Be apart from 540 kilometers of Beijing)

7, 14.00p.m. , in distant river service division rests 10 minutes. (Be apart from 590 kilometers of Beijing)

8, 14 ∶ 30p.m. , arrive at 6 dishes to collect fees station, high speed travelling expenses 110 yuan. Give a station to see namely " Spanish mackerel is encircled -- Dalian " guide indicates a shop sign, sail Shenyang is big freeway. (Be apart from 625 kilometers of Beijing)
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