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Beijing drives oneself cross-country enter " day desert "
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 [scene area]

It is to government-owned office reservoir, be located in below swallow foot of a hill have a more than 1000 mus natural desert, person " day desert " . Allegedly, because carry secretly of powerful northwest air current is worn,the sand and dust of Inner Mongolia highland comes here by army hill place block, this is formed after sand and dust falls " the desert that flies " .

Stand in desert peak, crystal meet like the government-owned office reservoir of the belt immediately greet; Looking southward is luxuriant is magnificent army hill; In region of the foot of a mountain it is an incomplete cliff breaks a wall, by arrange eastwards on the west, the swallow Great Wall that is period of the Warring States then is vestigial.

Between landscape awesomely sidewards a golden dune, be continuous rise and fall more than 10 lis, salon north and south grows many meters 300 east, salon north and south grows close kilometre on the west, width all is in 100 meters of above, tall estimation also has 30 meters, terribly is grand... rarely of here signs of human habitation comes, without industry, without pollution, some just is far from blatant halcyon.


Drive oneself You Tianmo can choose 8 Da Ling high speed, turn into Beijing Zhang Gao next fast (Beijing, the freeway of Zhang Jia mouth is in Beijing bound paragraph inside make 8 Da Ling high speed, beijing calls Zhang Gao after Guo Yanqing fast) .

Specific line: From north the on bridge of pasture of 3 annulus horse 8 high speed that amount to mountain, cross the Guo Yanqing after the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain, take way of piece of members of a family, can encounter before long " on clear river " collect fees station, hand in the travel before expending add of 35 yuan of succeed, the meeting after about 8 kilometers sees " east garden " exit, hand in the left-hand rotation after cost comes out 5 yuan to go " government-owned office reservoir " direction (have road sign) , so far high-speed a section of a highway runs, the ten kilometers that remain are country completely blacktop, beijing arrives day desert whole journey about 100 kilometers.

Do not calculate as a result of course of development going there and back too far, driver master had better add full oil in Beijing, because enter Heibei although churchyard hind has many gas station, but oleaginous not stable, until the last moment, had better not try.

(Charge of one-way and full high speed is 40 yuan)

[the journey]

Two days of You Ke visit Heibei to save with be being arranged in midday of the first sky on the way scene area, high speed road is absent " east garden " kilometer of the linage before go out and choosing to continue, cry in " crow post " the high speed below exit. "Crow post " it is an ancient post that establishs Yu Yuanchao, because be located in the crow hill that Heibei conceives a county,fall and get a name. It is up to now domestic dimensions the biggest, function is the most all ready, save one of the most in good condition dak, the structure such as building of courtyard of post assist arrange, residence, play, shop and 8 fane is set inside the city, the earliest building group be apart from already had 800 old histories today, it is the good place that takes a picture.
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