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Drive oneself swim to reach Nanjing Beijing from Beijing book of road of edition
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Line of Beijing blessing high speed is current relatively good line, can serve as drive oneself the first selection that reachs Nanjing, the article undertakes introductory to this course only. Still building as a result of partial a section of a highway, perfect in, can produce change at any time, version time notes please when reference.

One, course
Beijing - Yang Cun - Tianjin outer shroud - Beijing blessing (Shanghai) high speed enters the mouth - dark blue city - heart city - Jinan - Tai'an - Beijing blessing high speed - Qu Fu - Xuzhou - Su Qian on the west - Xu Yi - equestrian dam - 6 close - Nanjing
1100 kilometers influence whole course, one-way pass by expends 420 yuan (sedan) . Heibei and Shandong stage high fast 97 benzine are offerred, jiangsu paragraph major gas station has 93 benzine only.

(one) Beijing sets out on high speed of Beijing ferry pond, about 70 kilometers export next high speed from Yang Cun

(2) way of Tianjin of Beijing ferry highway takes after next high speed, make an appointment with 30-40 kilometer, outer shroud of the Tianjin on right-hand rotation of bridge of ferry going to Beijing (Xiang Na) , travel high speed of blessing of the Beijing on 30 kilometers right-hand rotation (Beijing reachs Shandong Tai'an,
Beijing blessing high speed is actual it is) of Beijing Shanghai high speed, it is clearer to indicate a shop sign on the way.

(3) on Beijing blessing high speed goes direction of Jinan, Xuzhou. Attention: The high speed after crossing Tai'an can be divided for two direction, xuzhou direction is on the right side of, left it is direction of Xin Yi, Shanghai. Take Xuzhou way please namely right-hand rotation of along the road, already Beijing blessing high speed; Taking way of Xin Yi, Shanghai is Beijing Shanghai high speed.

(4) Beijing blessing freeway: Tai'an, Qu Fu, Zou Cheng, Teng Zhou, merchant bark, Xuzhou, the journey 380 kilometers.

(5) after crossing Xuzhou, continue to enter Ningxu freeway all right continuously: 246 kilometers are in Ningxu freeway (7A is exported) right-hand rotation continues to could there be Suxu freeway, have clear Nanjing direction road sign, press mark travel please.

(6) peaceful Suxu freeway: Pi city, Su Qian on the west, Si big, Xu Yi. Peaceful Xu high speed repaired Xu Yi only at present.

(7) Yi giving Xu collects fees the station enters quick way (the province) , 20 kilometers go to travel equestrian dam, by guide right-hand rotation enters peace to connect highway. Connect highway Anhui Duanwei to close rather, after entering Jiangsu, come from mahatma 6 close to close high speed. Attention: High speed hind enters quick way below, especially Anhui paragraph, often have all sorts of car of cross highway and pedestrian.
Xuzhou, of Nanjing 6 combine the travel 329 kilometers.
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