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Asinine friendly result: Whole strategy of the line austral plain Tibet
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  One, traffic

1, road condition: Chengdu -- elegant how be a freeway; Elegant install -- manage pond basically is blacktop, also have way of little Duan Tu, road condition is better; Manage pond -- Ba Tangzhu cling to basket gold sanded Jiang Daqiao, it is the poorest a section of a highway of whole circuitry at present, it is earthy road completely, but already all fronts begins construction maintenance, allegedly second half of the year can foster cordial relations between states 2006. Because be,highland goes up first, altitude tall, add the account such as difference of start off condition, this paragraph appears especially hard; Big bridge of golden sanded river -- wave is close basically also be earthy road, fraction is blacktop, cross big mountain more, road condition is still good; Wave is close -- Lin Zhilu Lang Bing stands road condition is poor, a few a section of a highway very danger, it is earthy road for the most part, partial a section of a highway also is in long road; Rash Lang Bing stands -- blacktop of Lhasa whole journey, road condition is very good.

2, take a car: Chengdu -- health calm, in new south door station takes a car, everyday in the morning 6: 40 hind lie between a hour to send, do not have a car afternoon, average big ticket price 112 yuan, luxurious coach adds 10 yuan. Health calm -- elegant river, send a car in the morning. Elegant river -- 81, besides Chengdu -- outside the long-distance car of 81, passenger transport car is very few, basically rely on to build van or the rental car that take place. Had better center a place to contact to van parking lot or taxi. If be met " knapsack guest " , renting a car together is a tweak, because you have reason,believe them. Carry incidentally, the station builds a car in roadside the likelihood is not quite successful -- unless you are a lady. 81 -- Lhasa, wei Ke can be depended on in the return that Lhasa takes near the station, travel is off-season each 50 yuan enough.

   2, charge

If basically stay in the office car, build freight car, just now and then rent a car, lodge every night average cost is controlled in 30 yuan, just now and then " corrupt " , total spending 1600-1800 yuan about the same.

   3, accommodation

Requirement of accommodation of along the line of plain Tibet line is general not quite good, 30-50 yuan consumptive hotel is more general, should more appropriate also. Of course, if build a car, the hotel that meets 10 yuan or so sometimes, condition of sanitation of this kind of hotel is bad, quilt, sheet is without the day the day is changed those who wash, it is better that the proposal takes a piece of sheet oneself. Not be the word that should camp painstakingly, tent, sleeping bag is not sent on use.

   4, have dinner

Along the line basically is plain flavour dish, vegetable is not much, hemp is hot and fat. Have dinner Tibetan an area is a bit more expensive than inland. Can compare in pattern of county have dinner much, of course, class is a few higher also.
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