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Beijing travels 20 days to draw road book oneself to Yunnan
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The first day: Beijing -- Xi'an
Arrive from Beijing Xi'an, because Beijing stone high speed suffers big mist to affect Heibei Duan Feng way, change Zhang Gao of the 8 Beijing on Da Ling fast, go up again drain is big, big high speed of wind of carry, carry, Xi Tong, arrived late at 9 o'clock Xi'an, enter brigade of youth of Xi'an abundant standing grain to abandon, 120 yuan, occupy goes just discovering talent of 3 buildings above is young brigade abandon, we are in 2 by arrangement, those who hang is the brand of Xi'an people apartment, the condition did not say, can say to still can live constrainedly only. That day travel 1200 kilometers, beijing adds up to to the cost of high speed pass by of Xi'an 468 yuan, cheered twice that day, add up to spend 420 yuan.

The following day: Xi'an -- Chengdu
7:00 set out from Xi'an, on on the west treasure high speed, from too white county exit comes out, right-hand rotation goes straight towards too white county, have the earthy way of 37 kilometers, road surface pothole, speed per hour is in basically 20 the left and right sides; Come to the left-hand rotation after Pan Jiawan too white county, road becomes even much, the turn after entering Qin Ling is very much, after reaching too white county, find go Chinese medium road, take course of the on 316 countries after dam too, continue to cross in Qin Ling, begin experience to block a car up, road surface state becomes poor, come up against the car that one clump Chongqing comes to, saying was to go two talents arrive this, the route of 5 kilometers went 2 hours, besides block a car up, the cave in place in Qin Ling is more, the everywhere in hill body sees brook from hill genteel below, the rock that mud-rock flow is taking and slop accumulation are on driveway, two-way driveway from time to time should is one-way, the car also was splashed by the car of retrorse travel the slop of a suit; Gave Qin Ling eventually, arrived exert oneself county, went up exert oneself county comes Ning Jiang's high speed, this is one can see the high speed of the clastic rock of hole of ox, dog, person, small hole and cave in, turn degree of curvature is bigger, have list feeling, high speed has not been repaired completely, to next high speed after Ning Jiang, run quickly wide far, controlled partly at 9 o'clock arrive at Chengdu. Original already the phone writes down young brigade to abandon with asinine friend booked a room, arrived ability the accused knows to had done not have a room, the guesthouse of Teng cloud building that is by arrangement on the side, although asinine friend is written down,did not give by the agreement leave a room, but the mood of their staff member is good still, also calculated enthusiastic to give help to seek a room. That day travel 800 kilometers, pass by cost is total 242 yuan, accommodation 160 yuan, cheer twice add up to 350 yuan.

The 3rd day: Chengdu -- Xi Chang
Today's plan is arrive from Chengdu of Lu buy lake, actually whole journey namely 800 kilometers left and right sides, but because Chengdu comes on the west prosperous a paragraph road is too poor really, can arrive at Xi Chang before the day is black only, without the travel before continueing. We set out from Chengdu partly at 7 o'clock in the morning, the way seeking in Chengdu is not very easy, fortunately electronic map is in hand, that also turned probably a hour just found a road to go up elegant high speed; To elegant how to play high speed, on 108 countries, along the road is visible elegant install female, the both sides of the road is hill, the brick house of green made of baked clay fastigium that agrarian cropland and southern model are in lap, still can see far the summit that is enveloped by Bai Wu, when looking, feel very beautiful, wait to get ability to know to look at really later very beautiful, go in very horrible. This paragraph of road that 108 countries road condition is poorer, everywhere sees the big break in the road, arrive after churchyard of Xing classics county, the road became sodden way, driver comrade does not agree to call this kind of way stoutly " road " ; We form in clastic rock, slop and ditch so " road " go up creeping; Enter a mountainous area hind mist begins to greaten, visibility is not worth 15 meters sometimes, overtake is determined was checked, hitting double skip drive, be being pressed by cart speed also does not have method, walked out of sodden road eventually, had crossed mist mountain, arrived at Lu buy, went up high speed, at 6 o'clock the left and right sides arrives at Xi Chang after 44 kilometers, live in religion build a public house, 120 yuan. That day travel 500 kilometers, pass by expenses totals 85 yuan, cheer 290 yuan twice;
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