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Our country car rents the reality of course of study and difference
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The car is rented consume a form brand-newly as a kind, not only between effectively dredge car production and car sale " bottleneck " , and extend to what the car consumes the market also have the effect that cannot underestimate. From 80 time first, our country also begins sortie car to rent estate. But time of nearly 20 years went, countless cars hire dealer people still look " city " suffering sighs: So big market, manage an environment regrettablly only too abominable. This period center report to give the current situation that at present our country car rents estate, go with respect to the Chinese car line of business that rent situation undertook original analysis. Believe the viewpoint in article can cause the reader resonance that is engaged in the car is rented and paying close attention to a car to rent.

5 big reason show we are babyish still now

With the mature car on international posture of the industry that rent is compared, the Chinese car line of business that rent still chases the deer-fight for the throne at a large number of heroes the babyish status with uncertain overall situation. Its are babyish the gender reflects as follows:

Above all, development time is short.

With Euramerican wait for developed country photograph to compare, chinese car rents estate still is a baby only. From 1981 China establishs the first company that rent -- " Chinese east hires limited company " case up to now although already had time of 20 years, but before 10 years, the whole nation also established ten companies that rent in succession only, among them Beijing is only 4, till 1992, beijing is new the renting company that establish also only more than 10. Just from 1993 later, the car hires a firm just work up rises.

Say strictly, chinese car rents the generation of course of study and development, the job that controls 10 years recently namely, consider as commonly from 1989 the ability when the Asia Game starts. The first car of world rents a company to held water 1918, had had 80 old development up to now. When Chinese car the course of study that rent still is in in swaddle when cry piteously for food, foreign person of the same trade has blossommed the Zhuang Han of a fierce pretty.

Next, enterprise much scope is little, lack fights risk ability.

7 ~ come 8 years recently, the car company that rent arises like emerge inside countrywide limits. According to concerning sectional statistic, at present the whole nation is engaged in a car renting the enterprise of the service to had achieved 3000 or so, but sum total of the car that rent is controlled 40 thousand times only. The scope of majority enterprise is very little, a few, ten have a few cars only even. Although resemble a steam renting car of company, new now idea,the sale rents a center the big company of count as one of the best of so so-called home, just also have many 1000 car severally. Beijing is domestic car development of the estate that rent is the earliest, the city with the most car that rent, but to 2000 till the end of the year, all renting car that place of the company of more than 400 car that rent has Beijing, also have 20 thousand or so only. Car of a company has insufficient still world's biggest United States HERTZ the mantissa of the quantity (HERTZ has a taxi 520 thousand 1000 5) . Force differs such great disparity, WTO country door, transnational corporation comes in, do not have an enterprise to be able to contend to it.
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